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When it comes to business, we all want to work smarter and faster. That’s why AI tools for business have soared in popularity among working environments. With features like Prezi’s AI presentation creator, tasks are becoming easier and less time-consuming, leaving more space for businesses to focus on growth, and strategy and dominate the field.

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AI business tools explained

When we talk about AI tools for business, we refer to software and platforms that leverage artificial intelligence to enhance various parts of business operations. These tools have transformed how businesses operate. They automate everyday tasks, give insights from data, and help make better business decisions. Initially, businesses relied heavily on manual labor for these tasks, which was time-consuming and prone to human error. The introduction of AI tools marked a significant shift.

These AI tools for business are capable of handling large volumes of data with accuracy. For instance, AI-powered analytics can sift through complex data sets to identify trends and patterns that would be nearly impossible for a human analyst to find in a reasonable timeframe. Similarly, AI-driven customer service tools can manage and respond to customer inquiries instantly, greatly improving customer satisfaction.

The impact of these tools is evident in the increased productivity and reduced operational costs for businesses. Before AI tools for business, tasks like market analysis, customer service, and inventory management required extensive manpower and were often slow and error-prone. Now, AI tools automate these processes, allowing businesses to allocate their human resources to more strategic and creative tasks.

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Different AI tools that businesses are using 

CRM systems 

Also known as customer relationship management systems, these AI tools for businesses make it easier to understand what customers like and how they behave. These tools can automatically handle communications and tailor them to each customer’s needs. This leads to better customer interactions and keeps customers coming back.

Business intelligence and analytics

These AI tools for businesses handle lots of data to spot patterns, predict future trends, and offer useful tips. This helps businesses make smart, informed decisions fast and correctly.

Virtual assistants

Growing in popularity, these AI tools for business are used in customer service and can take care of questions and give answers right away. Plus, they learn from each conversation, which makes them even better at handling all kinds of customer service jobs over time. 

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Inventory and supply chain management 

In supply chain management, AI plays a big role. It can figure out what inventory is needed, make logistics smoother, and keep a good relationship with suppliers. All this leads to running things more smoothly and cutting down costs. These are great AI tools for small businesses as well as well-established companies, as every business has a budget they need to stick to. 

Marketing automation tools

These tools use AI to make marketing campaigns fit each customer better. They look at how customers react and tweak the marketing plans to be more effective. This helps businesses reach the right people with the right message.

HR and recruitment tools

These AI tools for business are useful for making the hiring process easier. It helps sort through job applications and pick out the best candidates. It’s also great for keeping up with data on current employees.

RPA tools

Otherwise known as robotic process automation, these tools use AI to automate repetitive, rule-based tasks. This frees up human employees to focus on more complex and strategic work.

AI-powered security tools

These tools are great for spotting security threats, assessing risks, and keeping cyber security tight. The quick way AI can go through a lot of data is key in finding and dealing with security issues.

AI presentation maker tools

AI tools for presentations, like Prezi, are really helpful for businesses. Prezi comes with an AI presentation creator tool that helps you create impactful presentations with minimal effort. You can simply click “Create with AI” to start crafting your presentation and Prezi AI will guide you effortlessly through the process.

Furthermore, Prezi has an AI text editing feature that makes sure your main ideas are clear. It’s great at creating presentations that tell a story visually, which can make complex topics easier to understand. This makes preparing presentations much simpler. Now, people can focus more on their message in meetings, confident that their slides are both clear and engaging. This approach saves time and improves the quality of business presentations.

Key benefits of AI tools for business

We’ve looked at some AI tools for business that are gaining popularity and how they’re helping with different kinds of tasks. Now let’s highlight the overall benefits of these tools and what they mean for the businesses that are using them. 

  • Getting things done faster: AI helps businesses do regular tasks quicker by automating them. This lets employees focus on more important tasks.

  • Smarter choices: AI can look at a lot of data and find useful info. This helps businesses make decisions that are well-informed and smart.

  • Better customer service: AI can make things more personal for customers, like giving them just what they need or answering their questions fast. This way, customers are happier and more loyal.

  • Saving money: By automating tasks and making things run smoother, AI helps cut costs, which is great for the business budget.

  • Staying ahead: Using AI tools for businesses allows them to try new things and maybe even lead the market- a great way to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Ready for the future: When businesses start using AI now, they’re setting themselves up to be ready for new tech changes in the future.
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Real-world successes with AI tools for business


Optimove, a tool that uses AI to personalize customer experiences, has been really helpful for businesses like Musti Group, which focuses on pet care, and Paper Source, a store selling paper and gifts. Musti Group used Optimove to create targeted sales campaigns, which really boosted their sales and the value of each order. Paper Source used it to try out new strategies for managing customer relationships, which led to more customers making purchases.


DHL, a big shipping company, had a tough job handling lots of customer chats every day. This was making the workers tired and more likely to make mistakes because they had to type the same messages all the time.

Then they started using Magical, a tool that makes answering customers easier. With this AI tool for businesses, the team doesn’t have to type the same things over and over. They have shortcuts for common responses, which saves time. They also can share quick answers with each other and find important info like when a package will arrive, then tell the customer quickly. This has made their work much easier and less tiring. 

Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence

The AI tool Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence is helpful for businesses to understand what their customers think about them. It looks at mounds of data from the internet to figure out customer opinions and trends. Big companies use it to get knowledge on what’s being said about their products. For instance, Skyscanner, which helps with travel planning, uses it to get feedback and tailor how they talk to their customers. Nestlé uses it too, to keep up with what’s new in the market and make sure their brand is doing well. These are great examples of an AI tool for business that benefit companies. 

Prezi: the best of AI tools for business presentations

Many areas of business require meetings, conferences, and demonstrations. This is why a lot of businesses use presentations to help get their message across, and it’s platforms like Prezi that are simplifying this process by integrating AI tools into their features. Let’s look at which AI tools for business Prezi has to offer. 

Creating presentations in minutes

Prezi AI presentation creator tool helps you create presentations quickly and efficiently. It uses artificial intelligence to suggest layouts, content, and visuals, so you can create an engaging presentation in minutes. The tool is easy to use and allows you to focus on your content rather than the design of your presentation, which is specifically helpful for busy professionals.

Perfect phrasing 

With Prezis AI text editing tool, you don’t have to overthink whether your wording is good enough. With the click of a button, this AI tool can improve your text so it’s clear and says exactly what you want to say. Just input a basic outline of what you want to say, and it will rephrase it effectively for you.

Make text longer or shorter

For those who tend to be wordy, Prezi’s AI tool can help. It detects when your text is too long and focuses on the main points, condensing it into something more concise and easy to understand. Also, if you’re someone who struggles to elaborate, Prezi can expand your text, making sure your message is clear and detailed. This is a great AI tool for businesses as it saves time and the outcome is always going to be professional, without error.

Simplifies text to suit everyone

When presenting to an audience, it’s important to remember that not everyone will be familiar with your industry’s jargon or have the same level of knowledge. Using simple language that everyone can understand is key. Prezi’s AI text tool can go through your wording and replace difficult words and phrases with simpler alternatives, making your presentation more universal.

The perfect structure

For businesses to communicate well, their presentations need to be visually appealing and easy to follow. This is why Prezi’s text editor is a great AI tool for business, as it can easily change the layout of your text in a way that makes the information easy to digest. For instance, with the click of a button, you can change a block of text into readable bullet points. 

The power to turn messages into virtual stories

Staying on the topic of effective communication, one way to engage well with your workforce, clients or partners is to use the information you want to put across and turn it into a story that can be remembered. With Prezi’s AI tool, you can turn any text into an engaging story with a perfect design. You can choose from flow charts, and visual lists and even zoom in and out on important sections of information. You can also use the ‘reveal’ tool for certain parts of your text in a way that captivates the audience. This is a good way to make sure your audience is taking in key points and understands your objectives as a business. 

Looking at the way Prezi has included these AI tools for business shows how they’re constantly evolving to match the needs of their business users.

Learn more about AI in the following Prezi presentation. Plus, discover how to create a presentation on AI.

Final thoughts: Prezi and AI tools for business 

We’ve discovered that keeping up with tech like AI tools for business is key to maintaining success. These tools are changing how businesses work, making things run more smoothly and quickly. With Prezi, It’s not just about making presentations look good, it’s about making it easier to communicate your ideas. Prezi AI features help you get your message just right, whether you need to shorten it, make it clearer, or be more engaging.

What’s great about AI tools for businesses is that they handle the routine stuff. This means people in business can focus on bigger things, like growing the company or brainstorming new ideas. With these AI tools, companies are setting themselves up for success now and in the future. 

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