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Educators knew that going back to school this year would be significantly different than in previous years. From finding ways to build classroom communities online to creating instructional videos that resonate, teachers have had to quickly adapt and find creative solutions for their students. 

In order to make an online or hybrid back to school experience more fun, engaging, and motivating, teachers everywhere have been turning to Prezi Video to use in conjunction with their back to school toolkit. Read on to learn how to use Prezi Video with the apps you already use to create a more connected virtual class. 

G Suite 

Google’s tools are already ubiquitous in classrooms — now you can add another layer of engagement with your students through our Prezi Video integration in G Suite. Share recorded assignment overviews and announcements to Google Classroom, or present live over Google Meet and the Prezi Video desktop app. Take advantage of the full suite of Prezi Video integrations to create an unforgettable online learning experience. 

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If you’re using Zoom for your video conferences, then you’ll be familiar with a common issue: The second you share your screen, you lose that crucial connection with your students. The Prezi Video integration solves this by putting you next to your content. Now your students can stay connected by seeing your facial cues and body language, while you can see your students’ reactions and know when they’re focused and comprehending the material. 

Stay connected while you work remotely with Prezi Video
Present live to your class with the Prezi Video integration for Zoom.

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Microsoft Teams

Frequently updating students is key in making distance learning successful. When you share announcements or assignments with your students in Microsoft Teams, record a Prezi video to capture their attention and let them review information at their leisure. You can also ask them to create their own Prezi videos in response to keep up asynchronous communication outside of video conferences. 

Send video assignments and announcements with Prezi Video for Microsoft Teams.

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Video is a must if you want to keep students meaningfully engaged in distance and hybrid classrooms, and Prezi Video can help you create videos compelling enough to keep them consistently tuned in. While these are just a few examples of apps that work with Prezi Video, the list doesn’t stop here. Check out some of the other online learning tools we’re compatible with, and get started with Prezi Video in your back to school toolkit today.

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