Storytelling for Business Part III – How to Sell Yourself [On-Demand Webinar]

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Writing and talking about ourselves can be a tough task. You don’t want to come off as too modest or too arrogant, but how do you find the balance? Or, what if you’re afraid to talk about yourself because you think what you have to offer isn’t that impressive?

In this webinar, corporate storyteller, Donna Griffit, assures us that every single person has that je ne sais quoi – that indescribable thing that no one else has. It’s just a matter of identifying it and combining it with your company’s messaging for the perfect story.

Donna calls it the x-factor:

Check out the webinar below to learn:

  • Where to focus your attention so you can turn talents into real skills that further your career and help grow your business
  • How to apply undiscovered skill sets to storytelling and presenting
  • How to clearly communicate your specific value to managers, clients, prospects, and other people with the power to impact your work

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