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Prezi’s CMO, Nadjya Ghausi, isn’t your average marketing professional. In addition to holding an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, she also holds a BSIE in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan. With a professional background that covers such a wide spectrum of experiences, she knows the innate value of diversity in practice, and is well-versed in what it means to strike a better balance this International Women’s Day.

In an article from Compelo, a global publishing and intelligence organization, she advises companies to think about gender equality in the workplace as an opportunity for growth and connection. “Diversity [is] not just a quota to fill,” she says, “but a genuine way to develop authentic conversations and engagement between you and your audience.”

Highlighting women in tech leadership for International Women’s Day

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Leaders who push for gender equality, particularly in high-level business positions, are catalysts for a necessary shift in tech. When asked what she feels top brands need to know, she focuses on human connection and storytelling. “The best brands today are those whose stories connect with the broadest base of customers. This means understanding the diversity of your audience and developing a narrative that not only includes, but also appreciates all facets of that audience,” she said. “Empathy like that doesn’t come from market research alone. It comes from a workforce whose backgrounds, experiences and motivations reflect those of its customers.

Today, we’re celebrating all of the incredible women leaders right here at Prezi, and throughout the ever-evolving technology industry, who are forging new paths and opportunities for generations to come.

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