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Contrary to what you might think, attention spans are not shrinking. But they are evolving, making it tougher than ever to keep students engaged. We spoke with educator John Wolfe about how he gets students to pay attention. 

Educator John Wolfe turned to Prezi to present his lessons in more interesting ways.

John has been teaching for over 50 years, starting in 1967 at P.S. 58, The Bronx. He taught for 20 years at the public school before working as a teacher-educator at Bank Street College of Education in NYC. He’s been teaching freshmen at Northeastern University since 2001. 

One of his biggest challenges over the years has been presenting his material in a way that’s accessible and interesting. This can be especially difficult when students are conditioned to present in a certain way (i.e., linearly). He was drawn to Prezi because of its similarity to mind maps and has been using it regularly for his lessons over the past four years. 

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“There’s greater fluidity on Prezi,” said John. “I like it more than PowerPoint… it’s essential in sharing new information in each of my courses.” 

Check out one of his presentations here:

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