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No matter what job you have or where you are in your career, chances are you need a little motivation to get to the next step, whether that’s getting a promotion, asking for a raise, or even switching careers. That’s why we compiled four Prezi videos, each packed with expert knowledge to give you that extra nudge and boost of confidence to achieve your career goals. Read on for helpful tips and advice.

How to achieve that promotion

To get that shiny promotion at work, you have to show your boss and your colleagues why you deserve it. In this video, Cindy McGovern shows you how to achieve your goals at work by using the same skills that sales professionals use to make a sale. The best part is, you probably already know how to sell, you’ve just been calling it by a different name.

Watch Cindy’s video here.

How to stay engaged at work

Not sure if you’re on the right career path? Amy Jen Su, Harvard Business Review author and executive coach, discusses simple, mindful techniques to take control of your career and ensure that it’s going the way you want it to.

Click here to watch Amy’s video.

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How to accelerate your career growth

Justin Nguyen is the CEO of GetChoGrindUp, a company whose mission is to help students start their careers by hosting interviews with industry experts and entrepreneurs. Through his work, he has learned these three tips on how to accelerate your career growth and give you the confidence to achieve greater goals.

Learn how to accelerate your career growth by watching Justin’s video.

How to find a new job

If you’re looking for a new job, then January’s one of the best times to kick your job search into high gear. In Jonathan Javier’s video, you’ll learn how to effectively use LinkedIn for your job search. Jonathan has plenty of experience in this field — he’s the CEO and founder of Wonsulting, a company that helps people with non-traditional backgrounds land their dream jobs.

Watch Jonathan’s video here.

Do you have your own career motivation tips to share? Create a video and you could win an hour of consulting with a career coach. Or, check out more great video examples on our Explore page.

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