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When someone says they want to tell you a story, your ears probably perk up. The characters, the narrative arc, the anticipation of an emotional connection—it’s all so very good. But when someone says they want to share some data, we’re willing to bet it doesn’t elicit the same reaction.

This is especially true when it comes to presentations. Sure, we understand that stats are important, but the delivery of them is often a bore. Bullet points? Percentages? Spreadsheets? Snooze. Data is boring and story is awesome. These are the facts.

And yet, being able to effectively identify and present data is critical to the success of not only your career but also the success of any business. As a professional, you have to be able to analyze data and use it to help you and other leaders make decisions, spot trends in what’s going well, and what’s not. Simply put, your data is only as good as your ability to understand and communicate it to others.

So how do you take such a crucial business element that’s difficult to get people excited about and turn it into something engaging and easy to understand?

Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

In this ebook, we teamed up with Hubspot and Infogram to help you out with just that. Check it out to learn:

  • Different data types, relationships, and visualization formats
  • How to visualize and present data effectively
  • Data storytelling — real life examples  

If you’re ready to change data’s reputation in your workplace, download our ebook today.

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