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Even if your organization ends up returning to in-person work, it’s impossible to simply revert back to pre-pandemic strategies, especially when it comes to virtual sales. Your prospects and customers will likely be working remotely in some capacity, which means you’ll need to keep refining the way you sell online. Check out these best practices from experts — recorded with Prezi Video — and start driving stronger virtual sales in your organization. 

Reinvent your online sales presentations 

As a digital futurist, keynote speaker Brian Fanzo doesn’t see a scenario where everyone goes back to the way things were. 2020 forced many customers to go online (who weren’t online before), and they represent a shift in how business will be conducted moving forward. 

Brian sees a need to properly connect the dots between offline and online interactions in more meaningful ways. To that end, he shares his “four Es” — environment, emotion, execution, and empathy — that will help you embrace a virtual world and reinvent your virtual sales presentations. Watch his Prezi video to learn more. 

Try these top tips for virtual selling 

Alex Smith is currently an Account Executive at Docebo, with over 15 years of professional sales experience before that. Having sold a wide range of products in person, over the phone, and now online, he clearly understands how to be impactful when it comes to virtual selling. 

In particular, Alex notes that the convenience of virtual platforms has led to some bad habits — for instance, obscuring your face behind your slides is something you would never do in person. With his five tips, he challenges you to think about your audience first and improve the way you sell online. 

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Host more effective sales and marketing meetings with live video

Video, and especially live video, will remain a key part of sales and marketing meetings moving forward. That’s why Zontee Hou, the President and Chief Strategist for digital marketing agency Media Volery, wants to share her tips to improve video communication. 

In her Prezi video, she explains how doing some prep work up front can make a significant difference, and how including visuals and tweaking the format can help your audience remember your message. Zontee also stresses the importance of creating space for questions and further exploration. Watch her video for all of her tips. 

Apply the AIDA sales model 

With her experience as a Senior Sales Enablement Specialist at Oracle, Sonia Pupaza knows how to drive sales success within large organizations. She recommends following the AIDA model — awareness, interest, desire, and action — to your virtual sales process to better understand your customers and close deals. 

Watch her video to learn more about the AIDA model and how to apply it to live presentations, as well as a real-life example to inspire you. 

More sales conversations are going to take place online, so be sure to follow these tips to get the most out of your virtual sales. Get even more advice from our Virtual Presentation Innovators, or create your own Prezi video with the tag #sales for a chance to be featured on our Video Gallery

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