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We’re all aware of the perks and challenges of working in a hybrid work environment by now, after months of moving back and forth between offices and virtual meetings. The next question to tackle is how can we make it even better? The modern worker in a hybrid environment needs to juggle multiple tasks and skill sets, draft meeting invites that stand out, and structure online workplaces that suit both people working at home and in the office. We turned to thought leaders to record their thoughts and best practices for hybrid communication on Prezi Video. Watch their videos to learn how to organize and deliver more effective communication online.

Start with a great meeting invite

In a virtual workspace, calendar invites often act as the face of the meeting (kind of like a host), and it’s crucial to make that first impression count. Award-winning author of The First Minute Chris Fenning advises highlighting three main components in your invitations for more successful meetings: topic, purpose, and output. Watch his Prezi video to learn how to do so:

Avoid burnout

Ever felt like lying down on the spot after back-to-back Zoom meetings? Founder of Human Periscope Peter Shepherd describes this as a “face down on the rug” situation. He points out that a workday full of remote meetings will take away time for deep thinking or focused work. When faced with this kind of meeting fatigue and overwhelm, Peter advises that you consider one question: What does your ideal day look like? Learn more about his personal experience dealing with virtual work fatigue and how to tackle it using the question above. Watch here:

Make your online organization shine

President of Social Intelligence and LinkedIn Learning instructor Bianca Lager says the key component that helps you stand out is using digital tools to organize your agenda and meeting structure. Watch her video to learn more about how she uses tools like Etcetera and Google Tasks to optimize her online presence and organization. Learn more:

Pack a punch in short meetings

Virtual meetings are often short and attention is harder to grab. How can we pack as much as we can into brief meeting schedules and still get our messages across? Paula Rizzo, Emmy-winning producer and LinkedIn Learning Instructor, boils it down to meticulous pre-meeting planning, headline-like message delivery, and continuous practice. Learn what each of these steps entails in Paula’s video. Watch now:

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Organize your workspace

In a hybrid or remote work environment, organizing a space that boosts productivity and focus is key. According to organizational coach and LinkedIn Learning instructor Amy Fritz, we can create the best remote workspace by maintaining the same work-life balance we set up in an in-person workspace and prioritizing elements that help us focus – such as accommodating for the amount of natural light and noise level that suits you best. Watch Amy’s Prezi video to learn more:

Make meetings an interaction, not a one-way speech

Despite the help of digital tools, meeting online often poses a limit to participant engagement and attention spans. As Prezi’s Editorial Director Lorraine Lee describes it, an online meeting automatically “mutes the energy.” Lorraine suggests that we shift this atmosphere by switching from “passive” to “active meeting frameworks,” incorporating questions, following up with feedback, and encouraging every participant to do the same. Watch her Prezi video to learn more about the 5-step process of active meeting facilitation:

Tailor your job to the lifestyle you want

Finding a work environment that fits your lifestyle is just as crucial to your career success as finding the right job itself. Remote work consultant and educator Mike Gutman emphasizes that thorough introspection of your lifestyle, priorities, and expectations is key in finding and negotiating an effective work schedule. Learn more about how to do so in his Prezi video. Watch here:

There are so many ways for you to improve your communication in a hybrid environment. For more ideas, check out the Prezi Video Gallery or record your own video to share your own thoughts.

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