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Startups have a lot to prove lot of the time. From internal on-boarding and market analyses to investor and sales pitches, entrepreneurs need to be able to engage their various audiences in a way that can drive an understanding of key components of the business.

From Internal Comms to Business Initiative

As the Executive VP of Marketing at Tiff’s Treats, a quickly expanding cookie delivery company in Texas, Jeff Sartor recognized the importance of making the delivery of such information more visual.

 Each member of Sartor’s team was tasked with coming up with their own version of a presentation on market research. The rules were simple: use the same information as your teammates, the platform of your choice, and present the finished product to the leadership team.

A handful of the presenters, Sartor included, chose Prezi over slides, and the room was wowed. It was the first time many of the executives and other company leaders had seen the platform, and the difference in reception was tremendous.

“Prezi is way more engaging and fun for the audience,” explained Sartor. “The zoom in, zoom out feel gets away from the mundanity of a slide with four lines of text to another slide with four lines of text.”

After the meeting, all presentations were converted to Prezi for the official board meeting that followed, and company-wide adoption took place soon after.

Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

Today, there isn’t much of the company’s presentation culture that Prezi hasn’t changed—including the presenters themselves, in terms of both attitude and confidence. “The visual nature of Prezi forces you to know your content better,” Sartor said. “When you’re just reading note cards, you can feel people’s eyes directly on you, or blank stares, or they’re on their phones. When you have Prezi up, people are excited to see what’s next.”

Beyond the Boardroom

In addition to their internal efforts, the Tiff’s Treats team now uses Prezi to pitch top retailers and present to students at the local University of Texas campus (arguably the best place to discuss cookies). Meanwhile, the HR team uses Prezi during onboarding and training classes taught at Tiff’s Treats HQ.

“After every class, there’s always someone who asks what platform we used to present,” added Sartor. “The difference between Prezi and slides makes people curious.”

In other words, Tiff’s Treats stands out. With the freedom to be visual and the flexibility to easily make something new for each presentation, the team has taken full advantage of the Prezi platform. Check out their on-boarding improvement prezi below, or visit ourcustomers page to read about how others are using the platform.


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