Prezi design tips to make your background image work for you

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When creating a Prezi presentation, it’s essential to find the right background image to set the tone, establish the look, and drive home the metaphor. But finding the perfect image is only the first step — from there, you’ll want to structure your presentation around the image in an effective and compelling way. 

Luckily, the same background image can apply to a wide range of use cases. Here are four ways to make your image work for you. 

When you need something quick and easy

Choose complementary colors for your background image.

A simple way to make your presentation pop is to customize your topic cover colors. Pick the most dominant color in your background image, then find complementary colors. Apply these colors to other design elements in your presentation as well. Learn more about adding and customizing colors

When you have a story to tell 

Follow the background image's flow to create a narrative arc.

Storytelling is the single best way to inform, persuade, and inspire your audience. You can build a narrative with cleverly placed topics — follow the natural flow or movement in the image to create a visual story arc. Or, resize and reorder your topics to draw attention to the most important content first. Learn more about structuring your presentation

When you want to spark a conversation 

Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive
Frame elements of your image so that it does the heavy lifting.

If your background image has distinct elements, then let the image do the heavy lifting. The topics can serve as a frame around specific parts of your image, and then you can make the image visible when you zoom in to maintain consistency. Learn more about editing your topics and subtopics.  

When you want to wow your audience

Wow your audience by using a clever metaphor for your background image.

Make your presentation more memorable by finding a clever metaphor inspired by your background image. For example, even though the image above is cooking-related, you can connect it to something else entirely, such as a breakdown of your product’s main features. By using your background image as a visual metaphor, you’ll make it easier for your audience to process and retain your message. Read up on some best practices when working with metaphors

Your background image plays a vital role when creating an engaging presentation. Experiment with placement, colors, and shapes in your next presentation to discover what works best for you and your content. For some additional inspiration, check out this presentation we made using some of the above tips:

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