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In my last post, I explained how we’re working hard to ensure your Prezi Classic content and features are available in the Prezi Next editor. In this update, I share some of the specific Adobe Flash-enabled Classic features that we’ll be moving to Next in the coming months without the need for Flash.

Prezi Classic features coming to Prezi Next 

In addition to preserving and migrating all of your existing Classic presentation content once Flash goes away (the key takeaway from my last post), here are some of the capabilities we’re planning on adding to Prezi Next to offer users the best of both platforms:

  • Custom logos 
  • Support for Adobe Flash file format (SWF) objects and backgrounds (without animations) for your existing content
  • Support for Classic shapes such as the bracket frame, including rendering and color tinting
  • Snapping improvements 
  • Background music
  • Videos can play on part of the screen (vs. full screen only) and multiple can play at the same time
  • Many more fonts
  • Classic saved Favorites can be inserted into Prezi Next presentations
  • Even more path flexibility to support Classic-like presentation paths 

Here’s a preview of the new video functionality:

Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive. These are just some of the features we’ll be bringing over in the near term, but we’ll also have more updates to share later in the year. 

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What you get with Prezi Next 

Of course, these features don’t exist in a vacuum — they’ll be added to the suite of robust features already in Prezi Next. As we fully transition over this year, this is a good time to familiarize yourself with what’s possible with Prezi Next, including: 

  • Zoom reveal animations, which add a new layer of storytelling 
  • Topic hierarchy, for more flexible content layouts 
  • Trackable view links, to understand and control when people are viewing your presentation 
  • Commenting, for better team collaboration
  • Access to over a million high-quality images from Unsplash 
  • And much more

If you want to see Prezi Next at its best, check out this incredible presentation from one of our certified experts, Fuji: 

We’re also excited to be working on delivering some popular feature requests, such as support for animated GIFs. I’ll be sharing more updates as these features get released in the Prezi Next editor. In the meantime, if you have more questions, feel free to head over to the Prezi Community page. 

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