Tips to elevate your hybrid or virtual sales strategy

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Sales teams have already had to adjust their tactics over the past year. But to drive truly impactful results, sales professionals will have to uplevel their hybrid or virtual sales strategies moving forward. To help you create more effective strategies, we asked top sales experts for their advice. Watch their Prezi videos for their tips on improving the way you sell in a virtual world. 

How to supercharge your sales results 

Marcus Chan knows how to drive results in sales — that’s why he’s recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice in sales and sits as an executive member of the Forbes Business Council. In his Prezi video, he offers three tips to help you supercharge your sales results this year, including why video is crucial for outreach and how to best leverage content. 

How to thrive in uncertainty 

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“Uncertainty” is a word that puts most people on edge, and that’s been especially true over the last year. But Meredith Elliott Powell, a business growth, sales, and leadership expert, argues that you can turn uncertainty into a competitive advantage. Watch her Prezi video to learn how to create a relentless vision, condition yourself for change, and secure your base in order to find sales success in any scenario. 

How to avoid common sales video mistakes

Video is great for your sales outreach and sales pitches (see Marcus’ advice above), but not all videos are created equal. Julie Hansen has years of experience as a sales presentation expert and keynote speaker, and she’s noticed some common mistakes that many professionals make. In her Prezi video, she details ten of the top mistakes, including a poor home studio setup and the dreaded “resting business face,” and also provides solutions for each. 

Now’s the time to elevate your hybrid or virtual sales strategy — follow the advice above to drive momentum for the rest of the year, or check out our recent webinar with the RAIN Group for even more best practices. Have your own tips to share? Create a Prezi video and tag it with #sales for a chance to be featured on our Video Gallery

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