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As video conferences become the default way to hold meetings, people are getting an entirely new view of their coworkers – and it isn’t always pretty. Read on to learn how to look and sound professional on camera by making a simple, low-cost home studio setup.

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Clean background

The first thing you should realize is that it’s not just you on camera – it’s you and your home. Your home studio setup should be pretty tidy to limit the number of distractions in the background of your video. You wouldn’t want a potential client wondering when you were going to take care of that gigantic pile of laundry while you’re delivering a pitch, so do yourself a favor and clean up a little.

Prezi Video tip: Place a whiteboard or flat, blank surface behind you where your content will appear. This creates a nice backdrop for your video content and gives you a better idea of where your content will appear on screen, making it easier to gesture to and interact with.

For more tips, watch this video on setting up a simple, professional background:

Good lighting

Setting up your home studio in front of a nice sunny window is the best way to illuminate your face with bright, natural light. If you’re in a room without a window, you can always place lamps behind the camera so they cast on your face and give you a similar glow. Just make sure there isn’t a window behind you and the lighting is even — you don’t want to be obscured by any awkward shadows.

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Watch these tips on video lighting for more info:

Crisp and clear audio quality

The most important part of any video meeting is what you’re actually talking about, so give your audience crisp, clear audio to listen to. Usually, the microphone on your laptop is going to be higher quality than the one in your headphones, but that’s not always the case. Do a few test runs with your mics and see which sounds the best.

Large, empty rooms are going to sound more echoey than a small room with padded furniture. Use blankets, pillows, and padded furniture to absorb sounds and make your voice sound clearer.

Find more ways to get crisp audio quality by watching this video:

If you want to impress your audience and absolutely wow them with on-screen visuals, try Prezi Video. Prezi Video puts your content directly next to you in your video and, when paired with a great home studio setup, will make you look more professional and more put-together on camera. Get started with your first video presentation today.

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