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For those who work remotely or have clients across the country, video conferencing is a way of life. Maintaining a personal connection with your audience can be challenging, though, especially when you need to screen-share content. Fortunately, there’s Prezi Video, which puts you right alongside your content and keeps that face-to-face connection, even when you can only meet digitally. Read on to learn how to use Prezi Video for video conferences and remote meetings, plus get top tips for effective video conferencing.

Prezi Video: For quick updates and simple presentations

With Prezi Video, you can make a meeting-ready presentation in just a few minutes. This is perfect when you have a simple and straightforward concept to present, and text and imagery are minimal. Keep the focus on you while adding the necessary context with your content.

Learn more about using the Prezi Video online editor here:

Prezi Video advanced create: For in-depth presentations and team syncs

For more complicated presentations, try Prezi Video’s advanced create feature. With the advanced editor, you get all the functionality of Prezi presentations in your videos, such as topics and animations. This is great for syncing with your colleagues on team projects or to discuss dense material, as it allows you to move conversationally between your topics.

Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

Learn how to get started with Prezi Video’s advanced create feature:

Video conferencing tips and best practices

Before any video conference, keep these tips in mind to make your meeting the best it can be:

  1. Make sure your internet connection is stable. Nothing is worse for a video conference than internet that keeps cutting in and out and causes disruptions or audio delays. 
  2. Dress as if you’re meeting in person. Even if your camera only shows you from the shoulders up, you never know when you’ll have to stand up. 
  3. Make sure your room is well-lit. Lighting is key. You don’t want to have light behind you, or else your face won’t be visible. You also don’t want to have too much light directly on your face because it will wash out your features. Try facing a window for natural light or using a desk lamp for side-lighting.
  4. Dial in from a quiet, distraction-free zone. Make sure your settings are professional. Find an empty conference room where no one will be passing by behind you. If you are calling from your desk, make sure your office space looks clean and your neighbors know you are on a call and not to disrupt you.
  5. Look at the camera when you’re speaking, not at yourself. This will help your audience feel like you are more engaged and present. 

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