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For many decades, people from ceremonial podiums and famous stages around the world have delivered inspiring linear presentations that help their audiences to feel empowered or see things in a new way (think TED). The delivery style in office spaces has followed suit, but without the same degree of success. Rehearsed and inflexible scripts in the workplace have too often caused listeners to struggle to remain interested. And, in today’s world of rapidly decreasing attention spans and demanding mobile devices, a typical business presentation falling flat is almost expected. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. With a shift in approach, presenters can turn their presentations into dialogues, making them interactive and interesting enough to keep viewers tuned in while their pocket-sized screens remain in the pockets where they belong.

Welcome to what we at Prezi call Conversational Presenting. This two-way approach enables presenters to jump straight into the content that matters most to any given audience, creating a consistently relevant and engaging experience from beginning to end.

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  • Why the traditional approach consistently falls short in the office
  • The future of presenting as Prezi sees it
  • 4 critical ways Conversational Presenting can change your business for the better

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