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Imagine for a moment that you have been tasked with delivering an important presentation at work. Perhaps it is a sales pitch to a key customer, a project proposal to senior management, or a conference keynote to your peers. No matter what the topic, the goal of these kinds of business presentations is the same: communicate a message that engages the audience, sticks in their minds, and persuades them to take action. To understand how to create a presentation that does all three of these things, it is critical to understand how your audience’s brains work.

This is where science comes in. Studies have shown that there are numerous tactics—backed by psychological and neurobiological research—you can use to take your presentations to the next level. In this on-demand webinar, Susannah Shattuck, Content Marketing Manager at Prezi, will narrow down the must-implement tactics.

Advice will include:

  • How to be a persuasive presenter—backed by science
  • Sure-fire ways to make sure that your message sticks in your audience’s brains, even after the presentation has ended
  • Why you should focus on visuals, stories, and interactive presentations next time you want to win the pitch
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Featured speaker:

Susannah Shattuck is the Content Marketing Manager at Prezi. In her current role, she is responsible for the creation, curation, and distribution of B2B content, from whitepapers to webinars. She loves telling stories, and helping Prezi’s audience tell better stories.

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