On-demand webinar: AMA – Prezi’s Head of Story on making everyday presentations matter

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Believe it or not, meetings don’t have to be boring. But if you’re presenting with slides, you’re practically asking your audience to tune out right from the start. Don’t let any eyes glaze over at your next meeting; keep everyone engaged with conversational storytelling.

In this “Ask Me Anything” session with Spencer Waldron, Prezi’s Regional Director of Marketing and Head of Story, you’ll discover how to use the Prezi platform and our approach to presenting to amplify your projects, messaging, and wins throughout the company.

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  • Does Prezi offer storytelling design consulting?

You can also see conversational storytelling in action by checking out our recent webinar with Carmine Gallo. His deep dive into the topic is done using Prezi AR, making it a double-whammy of visual, storytelling goodness.

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