Prezi: a story telling tool for Thai students


When the parents of Rob Newberry's class of 5th graders come in for interviews, the kids take their moms and dads on a virtual tour of the work they have done in Prezi: presentations, videos, photos and reflectations appear on screen at Ramrudee International School in Bangkok, Thailand.

One of the prezis at Rob's workshop on 21th century learning, is about landslides. If you check the work of the two students Gene and Tif, you could easily tell that, since the presentation is not just explaining the natural phenomenon, it actually is a landslide. As you move forward, you will notice different elements of the presentation sliding, turning and rotating as the two 5th graders visualize the causes and effects of the often disastrous phenomenon.



Rob Newberry's classwork is a great example of using Prezi as it's meant to be used. As we started to share thoughts in email, he added: students use Prezi as a visual communication and multimedia tool, their goal is to tell a story. In Ramrudee International School, they use Prezi for education and art projects as well. Even a bunch of art teachers are collaborating on a project with Prezi right now. Rob also plans to use Prezi with SmartBoards and other interactive multimedia, and we are just happy to hear that. His goal this year is to have each student have an account with offline access to the PreziDesktop then have them use their Prezi accounts as an online portfolio.