Sell like a human: Being a top rep in the age of automation

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Machines are working faster and more efficiently than ever before. Millions of emails can be sent within hours, and robo-dialers help ease the grind of cold calling. But for all the convenience these tools offer, they fail to do one key thing when it comes to sales: inspire confidence.

Your customers and prospects want to be confident in your product or service, and they want to trust that you’ll deliver what you promised. If you can’t personally build up either, then the sale is as good as lost.

In this webinar, join Mikolka Morrill, one of Prezi’s highest-performing account executives, for a lesson in how to make and maintain human connections. You’ll learn what it takes to draw in valuable prospects and inspire greater customer loyalty with conversational pitching.

You’ll also discover:

  • How to move beyond automation and forge a personal connection
  • How to identify both the personal and business motivations that drive your audience
  • How to build a strong rapport with prospects, and channel that into closed business

You’ll also learn about the power of trust and how emotion can make a bigger impact on your close rate than data alone.

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