3 Key Tips for Delivering Data

Data-heavy presentations are the absolute worst. If you’re being presented to, all those percentages are hard to sit through. If you’re the presenter, you’ve spent precious time putting together something that’s hard to sit through. Bummer.  

When sharing your facts and figures on stage or as part of a larger story, be sure not to treat the experience like it’s a report. Follow these three tips for delivering your data in a way that will resonate and be remembered. 

Show it off 

Don’t flip through your figures too quickly. When you pull up a chart or visual stat, leave it up and talk about it. This gives your audience a chance to let your message sink in. Explain what the chart says, then explain what it means for your audience. The longer you have your message up, the better chance you have of getting your audience to remember what you’re saying.

Avoid back-to-back charts 

No matter how impressive the stats, too many charts can be overwhelming. Avoid sharing back-to-back charts and graphs when you present data. Instead, switch up the variety of your visuals to keep people engaged and curious.

Along that same vein, try to only show one chart at a time. The more data you display at once, the harder your audience has to work to comprehend your message, and the more distracted they will become. The last thing you want is for your audience to tune you out.

Use color to clarify visuals 

We know you have a lot you want to share, but it doesn’t help anybody if your presentation is hard to read. Instead of jamming a ton of information into the same space, highlight one or two significant points, so people know exactly where to focus their attention right off the bat. 

Color is a great way to achieve this. For example, see the chart below. The data was taken from an article about immigration in the United States, and what percentage of the population was born abroad. Because the story was focusing strictly on the U.S., the U.S. figure is highlighted in red.

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