3 ways to boost your virtual presentation skills

Virtual presentation skills are absolutely crucial in today’s workforce, but it’s not always easy to know how to develop them. After all, screen sharing is ingrained in the way we present online, but once the shared content takes over, your audience loses sight of your body language and facial cues. 

We’ve started seeing more speakers and event hosts turn to Prezi Video to solve that issue — by sharing the screen with their content, they’re able to create more engaging virtual experiences. Watch the videos below for inspiration, and read on to learn new presentation skills and improve the way you present virtually. 

Add visual variety to capture attention  

As more people turn to virtual events to reach their audiences, one of the biggest challenges is standing out and getting others to tune in. In global speaker Richard Mulholland’s webinar on becoming an amazing public speaker, he demonstrates how to present in a way that’s captivating for the entire runtime. Watch his video here: 

Key takeaways: Simply having content next to you on the screen is already more engaging than screen sharing, but Richard takes it a step further. He uses a mix of images, text, and graphics to add some visual flair to his presentation, and then takes advantage of the entire screen by displaying these visuals on either side of him or along the bottom. The result is a virtual presentation that feels more dynamic and compelling than traditional webinars. 

Use visual aids to make your content memorable 

Your audience is likely inundated with videos to watch and sessions to attend, so unless you can make your virtual presentation impactful, people will immediately move on to the next piece of content afterward. Check out this example from keynote speaker Carla Johnson, in which she talks about innovation among B2B marketers, to see how she makes her message memorable:

Stay connected while you work remotely with Prezi Video

Key takeaways: One of the risks of filling your screen with text is that your audience will end up reading instead of listening (or they may try to do both and miss a lot of key information). To combat this, Carla uses clear visuals and minimal text throughout, which helps reinforce her message without dividing the audience’s attention. 

She also summarizes her main points again at the end of her talk, complete with an accompanying on-screen graphic, to drive home her message and leave viewers with something to take away. 

Interact with the audience to build a connection 

Talking through a monitor, even when everyone’s on camera, can still lead to video conference fatigue. However, virtual presentations also offer the opportunity to connect on a more personal level with your audience. Just take a look at this session on personal growth and success with career coach Diana YK Chan for a prime example of effectively engaging viewers:

Key takeaways: By using Prezi Video to stay on the screen throughout the session, Diana stays connected with her audience and is able to convey more meaning through facial cues and hand gestures. Additionally, instead of only answering questions at the end of her session, Diana interacts with the audience consistently, asking questions and even displaying answers on the screen in real time. This way she can build rapport and keep everyone engaged, even in a longer session. 

With so much video content already out there, now’s the time to improve your virtual presentation skills and stand out from the crowd. If you’re speaking at an upcoming virtual event or conference and want to work with us on a stellar presentation, feel free to reach out to us at prezieditors@prezi.com to learn more.

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