Video conferencing best practices: Tips to make meeting online even better

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Whether you’re meeting with coworkers remotely, teaching an online class, or catching up with friends, you’re probably having a lot of these conversations through video. Read on to learn the video conferencing best practices for your online video calls, with some special callouts for better video presentations using Prezi Video on the top conferencing platforms.

General best practices for video conferencing

  1. Think of your online meeting space as a home studio, and take steps to make yourself look good on camera, like getting your lighting right and decluttering your background.

  2. Use a green screen for virtual backgrounds. Not only will the virtual background look better on camera, but using one without a green screen can interfere with your Prezi content.

  3. Use the Logitech Spotlight as a wireless remote, which helps you navigate a Prezi video.

  4. Mute yourself when you’re not talking.

  5. Ask your audience to “pin” the speaker when you start your presentation.

  6. Prepare content ahead of time to make an impactful message. In our how to present on video series, Jessica Chen walks through storytelling principles that you can apply to your presentation.

  7. Say “hi” when you get on the call and say “bye” when you hop off. It’s the nice thing to do and it’s an easy way to close the distance between you and your audience when you’re presenting remotely.

Google Meet best practices

Use the video conferencing best practices listed above, and follow these pointers whenever you’re presenting on Google Meet with Prezi Video.

  1. When you’re presenting, change the layout to “sidebar” so you can see your audience as you present. You can have more natural and conversational presentations when you can see how your audience reacts in real time.

  2. Encourage your audience to “pin” your screen so that you stay front and center while you’re presenting.

  3. Avoid using a blurred background while presenting, since it will blur your Prezi Video content.

Zoom best practices

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Here are the video conferencing best practices for using Prezi Video on Zoom.

  1. If you’re recording a presentation, you should “pin” yourself so your presentation is always the primary tile in the recording.

  2. Your audience should also “pin speaker” so that you’re full screen when you’re presenting with your Prezi video

  3. Encourage your audience to go full screen for better video quality.

Webex best practices

Here are the video conferencing best practices for presenting on Webex with Prezi Video:

  • If you’re the host, you can determine whose video you and your participants see (by locking the video view). Pin yourself if you are the only speaker or select “Active Speaker video view” if it’s an interactive presentation where others might also be speaking.

  • If you’re not the host, ask your audience to pin you or choose “Active Speaker video view” if it’s an interactive presentation.

Microsoft Teams best practices

All the regular video conferencing best practices apply to Microsoft Teams, too, but we also recommend not using the “blur” background feature while you’re presenting, since it will blur the content of your Prezi video. 

Meeting on video conferencing platforms is a norm for most people taking classes, teaching, or working remotely, but by following these best practices, you’ll have better calls and better recordings of your presentations. Learn more about Prezi Video and how it works with your preferred video conferencing platforms today, or get started by making your first video.

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