Fascinating facts: How to snore-proof your data stories [On-demand webinar]

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When someone says they want to tell a story, most of us can’t help but feel a little excited. The characters, the narrative arc, the anticipation of an emotional connection — it’s all so very good. But when someone says they want to share some data, it doesn’t typically elicit the same kind of response.

This is especially true when it comes to presentations. Sure, we understand that stats are important, but the delivery of them is a bore. Bullet points? Percentages? Spreadsheets? Snooze. Data is boring and story is awesome. These are the facts.

But presentation design experts Alison Macondray and Matt Clark of Alimat paint a different picture. They know the true power of data, and live to show it through their work. Their presentations prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that data or story by itself is less powerful than data and story combined. Between the millions of views their work has received on TED.com and standing ovations at various conferences, it’s clear  that when we can master weaving these two pieces together, the outcome is more credible, more persuasive, and more memorable. 

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In business, we can’t afford to overlook such drivers. 

Check out the webinar below to see Alison and Matt transform a story with data, as well as offer their best practices for when you’re ready to try it yourself.

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