The 2017 Future of Business Collaboration Guide

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The future does not unfold in a straight line, and neither do growing businesses. As leaders work towards building more dynamic company cultures and game-changing products, the tools and platforms we use must rise to the occasion. The technology stack of tomorrow is one that’s more in line with the way people want to work today: more collaborative, more visual, more flexible, and more engaging.

To help you better understand these changes and how they will impact your place of business, PGi offers the 2017 edition of The Future of Business Collaboration. Their guide will transport you into a not-so-distant corporate future, where you’ll be able to examine merging technology trends, and visualize how each of them can change your current practices for the better.

We are Prezi are thrilled to be recognized as spearheading this movement within the presentation space. When it comes delivering information, flexibility and visual focus matter, and the ability to show how ideas intersect matters even more. When it comes to creating presentations that engage, tell a story and inspire conversations, sticking to what we know — like slides — just won’t cut it.

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Some of the other trends in this year’s edition of The Future of Business Collaboration include:

  • Smart Meetings
  • The Internet of Things
  • Ambient Intelligence Technology
  • Virtual Reality
  • Intelligent Workplace Design

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