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Data is a key part of any organization, used to measure everything from engagement and social followers to revenue and ROI. So why, when presenting important data to stakeholders, do so many people dump a bunch of numbers onto a slide and leave it to the audience to interpret?

Start making your data an integral part of your presentations, and you’ll stop losing your listeners. With the right tools and techniques, you can change the same set of “boring” data into something dynamic, engaging, and meaningful.

In this webinar, join David Hooker, Prezi’s Head of Creative Services, and Marisa Krystian, Content Marketing Manager at Infogram, for a webinar on transforming your data. You’ll learn more about how to take advantage of Infogram’s robust data visualization tools to complement Prezi’s zoomable interface.

You’ll also get:

  • A live demo on creating a Quarterly Business Review within Prezi Next, complete with various supporting charts
  • An overview of Infogram’s extensive set of features, including 35+ different chart types and 550+ different maps, as well as templates for infographics, reports, dashboards, social media assets, and more
  • A live walkthrough on creating specialized charts within Infogram to help you tell a more effective data story

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