Engaging sales presentations, part 1: Creating stories that sell

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The story of your business requires a few critical elements. It has to be bold and engaging. It has to be smart. It has to embody the spirit of your brand. But above all else, it has to convince a flooded market that what you’re selling is not only worth buying, but it’s worth buying now — because your company is standing on the cutting edge, ready with the solution that knocks all other options out of the running.

We’re excited to present our new Engaging Sales Presentations video series, featuring bestselling author and sales guru Jill Konrath. Over the course of the 6-part series, she interviews a variety of sales and presentation experts. In part 1, Jill interviews Michael Harris, CEO of InsightDemand, on how to create stories that sell. You’ll find out:

  • How to identify your company’s “change stories,” what it takes to craft a compelling business narrative, and how to create a presentation that immediately resonates with your target audience
  • How to mine audience insights and feedback in order to have authentic, meaningful conversations with potential buyers
  • How to stop your salespeople from being walking brochures, and turn them into intelligent storytellers who can think critically and demonstrate the true value of your products and services

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