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At Prezi, we’re dedicated to helping people create and deliver more powerful presentations. We recently ran a survey with the goal of surfacing the latest trends, techniques, and tactics that top presenters are using to win audiences’ hearts and minds. We sent this survey to the Prezi community, aiming to get answers to our questions from a wide variety of different kinds of presenters. The results are here, and we’re excited to share them with you.

The results of the 2018 state of presentations survey highlight two key areas where presenters are breaking from tradition and adopting new methods in order to be successful. The first is visualization—today’s presenters are turning to new tools in order to visualize their ideas more effectively. And the second development is the rise of conversational presenting, a tactic that enables presenters to engage their audiences in a dynamic dialogue instead of a static, one-way presentation.

We’ve compiled the results of this survey in a visual report. Download the report below, and take a look at the latest trends in great presentations.

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