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From pitching a hit show to a major network to introducing new traffic laws, visualization and storytelling strategies are critical to getting your message heard.

In this webinar, join Mikolka Morrill, Prezi’s Program Manager of SMB & Online Sales, as he shares the stories of four organizations that have had great success since implementing Prezi Business. You’ll find out how they’ve made their company presentations more visual and engaging for their clients — and more persuasive and effective for their key prospects.

You’ll learn:

  • Why one government organization chose Prezi to communicate a ton of messaging to thousands of people
  • How enterprise companies like IBM use Prezi to enable more meaningful conversations with clients and prospects
  • When and where Prezi can make you, the presenter, more persuasive and memorable — whether you’re presenting a keynote or next year’s strategy

You’ll also learn how to use Prezi to tell stories that inspire real-world actions and growth for your business.

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