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These days data makes the world go ‘round, but when it comes to delivering a persuasive presentation, collecting those convincing facts and figures is just half the battle. Thoughtful consumers want proof of your claims, and they want it presented in a way that’s easy to understand, engaging, memorable and not to mention nice to look at. That’s where effective data visualization comes into play.

Presentation consultant Paul Radich spends a lot of time and energy helping presenters of all kinds create effective visuals to represent their data and tell the right story. Join Radich and Prezi in this on-demand webinar to learn how to turn standard spreadsheets into meaningful, visual stories that will help you hook your audience and inspire them to act on your message.

Advice will include:

  • How to present your insights, not just your data
  • How to engage your audience by embedding data into a visual story
  • How to use effective visuals to foster audience interaction and effective data visualization
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Featured speakers:

Paul Radich has led Extreme Presentation™ workshops for executives and their teams from five continents, helping them master effective, persuasive communication of complex information. Clients include JPMorgan Chase, Volkswagen, American Express, and Microsoft. He is also the co-author of The Encyclopedia of Slide Layouts: Inspiration for Visual Communication, which is the third book in the Extreme Presentation™ series.

Susannah Shattuck is the Content Marketing Manager at Prezi.

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