On-Demand Webinar: Rehearsed Spontaneity – The Best-Kept Techniques of Expert Presenters

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One of the most incredible things about watching skilled comedians perform is their ability to appear completely unrehearsed. Delivering punchlines as though they’re brand new, and reacting to the audience at hand, is a core part of their magic. It’s also how they manage to capture, and keep, people’s attention over and over again.  

Comedians are also gifted storytellers. They’re masters of their craft who understand the impact — good and bad — of what they say. They’re relatable, to the point, deft at improvisation, and have killer memories. But how can people who aren’t seasoned entertainers learn to do the same? How can these big-stage skills be applied to the meeting room?

FunnyBizz founder David Nihill teaches us what it takes to keep presentations fresh, reactive, and entertaining in the webinar below. 

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