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The way you present impassioned messaging can be just as important as the message itself. When Sadiq Gillani, CSO and Senior VP of Lufthansa Group, was tasked with presenting the future of aviation, he knew convincing his audience would require more than static slides.

Achieving Emotional Resonance

Imagine you’re on the way to the airport in a taxi, but traffic is unexpectedly heavy. You repeatedly check the time and flight status, considering and reconsidering the security line, calculating and recalculating how many minutes you have left before watching your plane depart becomes a reality. Many, many people have been in this situation, and most of them will tell you it’s a complete nightmare to get back on track after missing a flight. But what if it didn’t have to be?

Now imagine the airline was able to locate you via their app, calculate your new arrival time and book you onto the next available flight. Next, all your travel arrangements automatically sync with your new arrival time, rescheduling checkins and pickups without any effort on your part.

Gillani ultimately chose Prezi to conjure the spectrum of feelings associated with these two narratives (extreme anxiousness to extreme relief) as a way to introduce his ideas at TEDxBerlin.

Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

“It worked well because Prezi’s zoomable canvas allows a presenter to dynamically share a vision, making it resonant and exciting,” he said. “And when you manage to create that kind of emotional connection with your audience, it’s more likely they’ll register your purpose in the same, meaningful way you do.”








A Big Platform for Big Ideas

The passion and the importance behind big ideas like Gillani’s can often get lost in long, slide-based narratives. Prezi’s open canvas does away with that risk by encouraging users to begin thinking about what they have to say as bigger than what can fit on a page at a time, and when the enormity of a mission can be seen, it can also be felt.

“When we really want to convince people of a story, that’s when we use Prezi,” added Gillani. “With Prezi you can create emotions, and with slides you can’t. That’s the difference between the two styles.”

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