What is visual communication and why it matters

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With so many people working remotely and connecting online, visual communication is more important than ever. Being able to communicate your thoughts clearly and efficiently will improve your content marketing, help you close sales, and help your message land with your audience. Read on to learn more about visual communication and how it affects your business.

What is visual communication?

Visual communication is a way of communicating ideas through graphics or visual elements. Using a visual element can convey more meaning and evoke more emotion than words alone.

Incorporating a visual element into your presentation can help you engage the visual learners in your audience. This type of learner prefers to see the information laid out and visualize the relationship between different ideas.

With the popularity of platforms like YouTube and Instagram, it’s clear that it’s not only visual learners who connect and communicate visually. People and brands are using these platforms to make a memorable impression on their audiences, and brands use visual content in their social media to capture users’ attention as they scroll through their feed. That’s why you need to integrate visual content into your marketing strategies. You can reach and connect with your audiences better.

The visual element of a video also has a positive impact on marketing. In fact, 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.

Visual communication examples

Scroll through your social media feed, and you’re bound to find hundreds of images, videos, memes, and infographics. Here are some tools and examples to help make your visual communication even more engaging.


With Prezi Video, it’s incredibly easy to add eye-catching graphics and animations that help you stand out from the crowd and make your videos pop. Brian Fanzo, virtual keynote speaker and digital futurist, created the video below as an invitation for the virtual event PlanetIMEX. With moving visual elements, his video definitely catches the eye:

There’s a reason why “how-to videos” are so common. Learning how to do something is often easier when it’s demonstrated in a video. In her “how to present on video” series, Jessica Chen, the founder and CEO of SoulCast Media, demonstrates how body language affects your message and can make it easier for your audience to follow along.

Teachers are masters at visual communication, and that also applies to online learning. In the video below, watch how teacher William Rasor demonstrates Newton’s 2nd law for his class through video:

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If you like what you see and want to make your own visually stunning videos, check out our video templates made for Prezi Video and try making your first video today.


Infographics use striking visuals to communicate dense material in a well-packaged, easy-to-understand format. They use visuals like charts, tables, and imagery instead of text to convey a point. Take, for example, the ecology infographic below by Edgar Andres Restrepo Bermudez. The imagery and charts in this infographic help people quickly grasp the concept of ecosystems.

Prezi Design is a graphic design tool that makes it easy to create interactive designs with big visual impact. Create infographics, social media posts, charts, and more in Prezi Design – create your first design from one of our many templates today.


It’s important to communicate visually in your presentations. The visual storytelling aspect of your presentation helps keep your audience engaged and provides more context than your speech could do by itself. Below is a presentation by Lydia Antonatos about adopting a gratitude frame of mind. The imagery in this presentation evoke a feeling of positivity, and helps get the audience excited about her message.

If you’d like to build immersive presentations that will impress and inspire audiences, check out Prezi Present and create your first presentation from one of our many presentation templates today.

Visual communication is a vital part of modern life that can help you stand out online, make a lasting impression, and present better. Learn more about Prezi and how our visual communication tools can help you succeed.

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