You say Prezzi, I say Presy

After people have given successful presentations using Prezi on different stages around the globe, there are always some folks from the audience who catch them and ask about the presentation tool they used. The overwhelming majority of these conversations end on a high note: the speaker made an impact and those who just learned about Prezi go home and start working on their own game-changing presentations.

If life were only that simple... Our logs show that many who are interested in Prezi type funny, Prezi-like words into search engines when trying to get started. Below is a list of the top 10 misspellings we found on Google Analytics. Pronouncing them aloud helps to guess the part of the world from which it originates.

  1. Prezzi
  2. Prezy
  3. Presi
  4. Prezie
  5. Pretzi
  6. Preszi
  7. Prexi
  8. Prisi
  9. Prezi
  10. Prezio

If you are ever asked about the tool you were using on stage, just say: "it's Prezi - with a Z like zooming." And the name comes from the Hungarian word for: prezentáció".

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