The secrets of presenting well to senior management [On-demand webinar]

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As Daniel Pink once wrote, today we’re all in sales. Whether you’re asking for additional budget, seeking approval for a campaign idea, or trying to convince your colleagues to take a certain path of action, you need to be able to pitch your ideas in a way that is compelling and convincing.

In this on-demand webinar, Prezi’s European Market Manager Spencer Waldron joins us to share tried-and-true secrets to presenting your work effectively to Senior Management and getting buy-in for your ideas.

Advice will include:

  • How to identify supporters and stakeholders within your organization
  • What content you should share if you want to persuade management
  • How to design a presentation that gets your colleagues to act on your ideas
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Featured speakers:

Spencer Waldron is the Regional manager of Prezi in Europe. Before Prezi he also ran a presentation agency and has worked with many people and organisations to help improve their presentations. You can learn more about Spencer by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Susannah Shattuck is the Content Marketing Manager at Prezi.

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