Turning your B- and C-players into A-players: Advice from a sales manager [On-demand webinar]

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Most sales managers will tell you that there are a small number of reps who close most of their team’s’ deals. But what differentiates these “A-players” from everyone else? And what can you do to help your B- and C-players become more like the top closers?

Recent research from RAIN Group shows that one of the top behaviors that differentiates A-players from everyone else is the ability to collaborate with potential customers. Your senior reps are winning business by having conversations with their prospects, not by following a memorized script. In this on-demand webinar, we will be sharing tactics that you can use to train your entire sales team in Conversational Presenting, the key differentiator between top performers and junior reps.

Advice will include:

  • What conversational presenting is, and why it is so important to effective selling
  • How to train your junior sales reps in conversational presentation tactics
  • How to track success across your entire sales team
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Featured speaker:

Jim Szafranski is the COO of Prezi, where he is in charge of overall customer and business operations at Prezi. Since earning his engineering and management degrees from MIT and Stanford, he’s built his career around helping users and communities adopt new internet and mobile technologies. He’s passionate about making new technology fun by creating innovative user experiences and business models.

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