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Sales managers serve an important role in improving sales processes, training their teams, diagnosing deficiencies, and increasing the performance of the team. For anyone hoping to improve their skills as a manager, we worked with the experts at RAIN Group, a global sales training and consulting organization, to share their tips for building a high-performing sales team. Read on to see what they have to say.

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What sales winners do differently

RAIN Group has interviewed hundreds of buyers about what makes a sales rep stand out. Neil Wood, a senior consultant at RAIN Group, shares the top 5 attributes of a sales winner:

  1. Educating buyers with new ideas
  2. Collaborating with buyers
  3. Persuading buyers that they will achieve their goal
  4. Listening to buyers
  5. Understanding buyers’ needs

Watch Neil’s video here to learn more about what separates these top performers from the rest:

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Time management: How to accomplish more each day

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Have you ever been overloaded with distractions as you try to focus on something? Neil provides a few tips on time management and task completion. He advises you to create a task list the night before, block and schedule time sprints, minimize distractions (such as turning your phone to focus mode), understand your greatest impact activity, and be confident about what you can do. By following these tips, sales professionals can create an environment where they can focus on their clients, close more deals, and have more time to connect with prospects.

Watch this video if want to learn more about how to manage multiple tasks each day:

Sales coaching to build a top-performing sales team

Sales coaching leverages the performance of sales teams, but sales managers who start as sellers have limited experience with being a coach. According to Erica Schultz, the CMO at RAIN Group, there are several things that sales managers should do to increase the sales performance of their teams. These include motivating, advising, helping the team stay focused, and developing the team’s potential.

Watch here to learn more about how to become a great sales coach:

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