How to re-invent communication internally and externally in the hybrid workforce

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Even though they can’t see each other in person on a regular basis, hybrid teams need to learn how to communicate and build a sense of connection in order to succeed. We turned to thought leaders and experts to share their thoughts on hybrid communication using Prezi Video. Read on to learn their tips.

Internal communication

Internal communication for hybrid teams

It’s not about incorporating the best of both worlds

What works well in the offline world doesn’t necessarily translate to the online space, but hybrid workplaces have the challenge of mixing the two. What makes these workplaces actually work is that they focus on building the connections between their employees first, and the mechanics secondarily.

This is a moment for re-invention, according to Brian Fanzo, founder of iSocialFanz, a digital futurist, and keynote speaker. “Hybrid establishes a new world where we take what works in the virtual world, what works in the offline world, remove those mechanics, and start creating something that is new and shifting.”

Try to improve the ways your teams communicate, then how they work with their tools, and even how the tools work with other technology. Doing so can help you build a culture that’s totally unique to your business and can evolve with the times.

To learn more about this topic and what you can do, watch Brian’s video here:

Leadership in the virtual world

The limitations on communication make leadership a particularly challenging role in a virtual world. One of the most important elements of being an effective leader is the ability to build trust on your team, but that’s a lot harder to do when your team isn’t together and doesn’t have a sense of connection.

There are a lot of teams that haven’t even met in person, but they’re able to work on complicated projects together. What separates these teams from others is a greater level of communication. When leaders are good at communicating their vision and connecting that to the larger company’s goals, their teams know what they should do and how to do their jobs well.

Julia Carter, a virtual team trainer at Zestfor, discusses the importance of communication and other elements of virtual leadership in her video with Mandy Schild, a presentation specialist at Present Savvy. Watch their video here for more tips:

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How to build your virtual brand

5 steps to build your virtual brand

The ways that people are interacting with your brand are all happening online, and while you can’t control what they think about you, you can control their experience. “It’s really important to put some thought up front into what you want that to be,” Julia advises. It could help you build a much stronger virtual brand in the long run.

In this video, Julia shares the 5 steps for building a virtual brand. She discusses everything from getting clarity on what you want your brand to be and the experience you want your customers to have, to executing your vision and improving upon it over time.

Watch her discussion with Mandy Schild here:

Incorporate more video into your business

Video helps you stand out online and allows you to lead with your personality, build trust, and foster better relationships with your customers. A video-first business adds video into all parts of its company, most notably sales and marketing, client success, and training.

There are lots of ways that you can start incorporating video into these parts of your business, and award-winning video producer and author of Zoom Out, Patrick Frank shares his top three. For example, he stresses the appeal of authenticity when you use video in sales follow-ups – video is personalized and it doesn’t scale, so it doesn’t have that automated feel that other messaging can have. Customers appreciate this and are more likely to associate their experiences with your brand in a positive way.

For more tips and commentary like this, watch Patrick’s video here:

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