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Hear ye, hear ye! Our judges spent the last few weeks combing through your Prezi Awards nominations and were pleased to see a number of persuasive business pitches, spectacular data visualizations, and a stunning array of visual metaphors. But alas, there can only be one chosen one (per category). See the winners in all of their glory below, or check them out on our official awards page

Without further ado, here are the best presentations of 2018.

BEST OVERALL DESIGN: Istvan Csatari PhD – Hello Tomorrow

Why we love it: Isn’t this just stunning? Hello Tomorrow’s global vision to support innovative thinkers and doers is evident through their strong and strategic use of cohesive visuals.

BEST STORYTELLING: Fredrik Jonsson – Changemaker Educations

Why we love it: This presentation from Changemaker Educations makes great use of Prezi’s animations (particularly panning and rotation) to guide viewers through the organization’s story and connect them all together.

BEST USE OF ZOOM: Dave Cooperstein – Who is PGAV Destinations?

Why we love it: PGAV Destinations does a great job of featuring all of their key points in one overview, then uses zoom + images to effectively dive into each specific section in more detail. It’s the perfect conversational presentation.

BEST EDUCATION: Sheila Wynne – Welcome to Merrimack College

Why we love it: Merrimack College’s presentation gets an A+ for organization. The topics are laid out neatly, and there’s a logical flow between them while still allowing for quick navigation to whatever’s most relevant.

BEST NON-PROFIT: Rainforest Trust – Conservation Circle Information

Why we love it: Rainforest Trust’s presentation details the benefits Conservation Circle donors to receive at different levels. All the information is clearly broken into topics, so instead of having to scroll through irrelevant slides, potential donors can navigate directly to the one they’re interested in.

BEST USE OF A TEMPLATE: Amizan Ahmad – September Strategy Planning

Why we love it: This presentation demonstrates how to make the most of a template by balancing it with a personal touch. Check it out see how you might make use of charts, timelines, and visuals to detail your own strategy.


Why we love it: This presentation effectively highlights MSL’s various products. By using a series of visuals in combination with the fade animations, they’re able to show the relationship between their offerings in an interesting and engaging way.


Why we love it: This splashy presentation is about a financial app called Drops. Ference utilized bold colors and large and easy-to-read text (just like we recommend) to add personality to this big-stage pitch.

BEST VISUAL METAPHOR: Ivelin Vlaikov – User Experience Workshop

Why we love it: Here at Prezi, we love a good metaphor. In this presentation, the umbrella serves as the central image, and the topics are formatted to look like raindrops to tie everything together. Bonus: the use of umbrella-themed icons helps to further underline the metaphor.

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BEST DATA VISUALIZATION: Marissa Tellis – The Future of Advice is Sweet

Why we love it: This presentation focuses on the financial industry in Australia. Marissa used a variety of charts in an easy-to-read format, as well as well-chosen colors, icons, and shapes to draw attention to the most relevant information. Sweet!

Prezi Experts

Our global network of independent experts constantly delivers gorgeous presentations, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the winners of this year’s Experts categories.

PREZI EXPERT, BEST OVERALL: Tomohiro Yoshifuji – Spotlight Nite

Why we love it: This presentation is about Logitech’s Spotlight tool. Yoshifuji (Fuji for short) used strong colors and visuals, as well as the full range of Prezi’s features to great effect, including zoom, rotation, panning, fade-in/fade-out, and the big reveal.

PREZI EXPERT, BEST BUSINESS: Pitch Perfect Consulting Group – Take Flight with Eagle Copters

Why we love it: Eagle Copters is a helicopter fleet management company. In this presentation, they demonstrate the power of brevity in business by combining concise copy with strong visuals and consistent colors to create an effective business overview.


Why we love it: The wOw Prezi team built this presentation using a super creative quiz show format. Navigate to four different areas and answer the questions. Answer all the questions correctly in a section and you will earn you a ‘key’ – collect all 4 and you’ll be able to enter the Prezi Masters Hall. Check it out to see their very clever use of Prezi’s zoom and reveal features to create a new experience.

Staff Favorites

This year, we thought we’d join in on the fun, too. For the first time ever, check out our staff-selected favorites!

STAFF FAVORITE #1: Keiran Corrigall – Hyperion Planning Implementation

Why we love it: If you think your content might not be ideal for a presentation, think again. TELUS takes a potentially dry topic and makes it engaging by telling a visual story through a strong central image and thoughtfully chosen icons throughout the entire presentation.

STAFF FAVORITE #2: Ernesto Sotelo Villegas – Pegasus

Why we love it: This presentation for Pegasus Control uses icons for most of the topic visuals, which helps provide a quick visual reference/roadmap for viewers. The presentation also drills into specific topics to allow viewers to get more granular if they want.

STAFF FAVORITE #3: Mr. Prezident – 100 Years of Geological Mapping in The Netherlands

Why we love it: This presentation lays out a 100+ year timeline on the overview, then uses the zoom feature to dig into each section in more detail. The Mr. Prezident team also used the fade and pan animations effectively to illustrate context and connections – almost like an interactive digital tour through history.

People’s Choice

Last, but certainly not least, we wanted to hear straight from you. After the initial winners were selected, we asked Prezi fans far and wide to choose their favorite of the bunch. The result? Give it up once again for Istvan Csatari of Hello Tomorrow! It turns out you all loved Istvan’s use of bold imagery just as much as we did.

Congratulations to all of our winners this year, and a big thank you to our community for once again making the Prezi Awards a resounding success. We can’t wait to see what you all bring to the table in 2019!

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