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Note from the Editor:

When we launched Prezi Video late last year, none of us could have predicted how the world would change. As daily life went virtual, so did our users. We saw more and more Prezi videos being created by business professionals and educators to share insights and ideas with their audiences. 

Each week, Prezi’s team of editors reviews new batches of videos — in search of those that educate, inspire, and inform — to share with our millions of users. 

For our 2020 Prezi Staff Picks campaign, we worked together with our teammates across Content Marketing, Design, and Product Marketing to find our favorite videos of the year. In addition to the video content itself, we factored in everything that makes a Prezi video great, including presentation design, video quality, creativity, and “stage presence.”

We hope you enjoy these Prezi videos and get inspired to create your own. If you ever want to reach our team, feel free to email prezieditors@prezi.com; we’d love to hear from you!

Lorraine K. Lee, Prezi’s Managing Editor

Ready to jump in and check out our 2020 Prezi Staff Picks? Browse the categories below, or just have fun watching them all!

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Videos that feature stunning visuals

The Coral Kingdom read-aloud by Jamie Ewing 

Why we love it: Educator Jamie Ewing sure knows how to tell a compelling story. By bringing in high-quality images from the book, he makes it easy for his students to follow along. He then adds immersion by including small design touches (a fish here, a fish there), and by using complementary colors for his presentation, his backdrop, and even his shirt. 

Evolution of presentation by FUJI (Tomohiro Yoshifuji)

Why we love it: Prezi expert FUJI is a master of his craft who consistently pushes the boundaries of virtual presentation design. The visuals alone would have made this a standout video, but it’s the combination of subtle animations and well-timed hand gestures that really elevate the Prezi video into one that’s out of this world.

Top tips for online presenting by Russell Anderson-Williams

Why we love it: The right visual can make any presentation infinitely more memorable. Presentation designer Russell Anderson-Williams puts this into practice by featuring beautiful illustrations throughout his Prezi video. He then uses zoom and fade-in/fade-out animations to perfectly sync the visuals with his message and make it resonate. 

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Videos that showcase HD quality 

Pressure test your message by Tamsen Webster

Why we love it: Keynote speaker Tamsen Webster presented at this year’s Content Marketing World, and it’s immediately obvious why her video belongs on the virtual stage. The incredible video quality works in conjunction with the memorable central image and insightful tips to create a Prezi video that’s (key)noteworthy.

Training client teams remotely by Robert Rose

Why we love it: Robert Rose — Content Marketing Institute’s Chief Strategy Advisor — combines all the ingredients you need for a great Prezi video: sharp video quality, clear audio, relevant visuals and summaries to the side, and actionable tips. Follow Robert’s example and re-assess your own home studio setup — it makes a difference!

How to get students talking in online discussions by Sarah Brown Wessling

Why we love it: As the 2010 National Teacher of the Year, Sarah Brown Wessling has a knack for imparting knowledge in a clear and concise way. Pair her expert delivery with the excellent video and audio quality, and you have a shining example of what educators can achieve in online learning

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Videos that take advantage of the entire screen 

The science of charisma: How to shine in virtual presentations by Vanessa Van Edwards

Why we love it: Instead of simply talking about the two traits that make up charisma, Vanessa Van Edwards shows the dichotomy between the traits directly on the screen. She also includes a visual scale at the bottom and interacts with the content to reinforce her message. The result is a Prezi video that’s both informative and…well, charismatic!

How keynote speakers must re-invent virtual experiences in 2020 by Brian Fanzo

Why we love it: Oh, snap! Brian Fanzo has ample experience as a keynote speaker, and he frames himself in a way that gives him a strong “stage presence,” even through a screen. But it’s the unique twists, such as using a snap to make his content appear and adding speech bubbles, that make this a virtual experience unlike any other. 

The future of sales 2020 by Tiffani Bova

Why we love it: Here’s a great example of why you don’t need to limit yourself to one area of the screen. Salesforce’s Tiffani Bova uses the whole virtual real estate to fantastic effect, making sure to change the placement of her visuals throughout. So, even though the virtual presentation feels consistent and on-brand, it’s also dynamic, fresh, and thoroughly engaging.

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Videos that convey information effectively

LinkedIn lowdown by Ashley Watkins

Why we love it: Nationally Certified Resume Writer Ashley Watkins leads by example in her informative Prezi video. She starts by breaking her topics down into digestible chunks, and then clearly supports her points by including examples from both her own profile and her clients’, making sure to zoom in to ensure her viewers can easily follow along as well.

Earth Day 2020 ASL by Shanene Laudenberg

Why we love it: It honestly warms our hearts to see how teachers have been using Prezi Video to connect with their students, and this is a wonderful example from American Sign Language (ASL) teacher Shanene Laudenberg. Not only can she display a summary of the assignment next to her, she can also speak directly to her students through sign language, which means so much more than an email ever could. 

Economic analysis/exploration for Colombia by Gabrielle Creagh

Why we love it: Educator Gabrielle Creagh smartly breaks out her factoids into visually distinct buckets, making the information digestible for her students. She also uses a question/answer format, so that her video feels less like a remote lecture and more like an asynchronous class discussion. 

Teaching tips by Dr. Allison Upshaw

Why we love it: This video is part of a broader series, in which Dr. Allison Upshaw shared short video tips almost every day. The consistency and short length of her videos are key, as they help create a series that’s quick to watch (and re-watch), full of information, and easy to remember. 

Weathering, erosion, & deposition by Melissa Sedivy

Why we love it: What’s great about Melissa Sedivy’s video is how it feels like we’re in a classroom with her. She doesn’t just leave visual aids up, but rather interacts with them and uses hand gestures to demonstrate the principles in her video. Plus, her natural tone of voice and clever use of props help create a sense of fun for her students. 

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Videos that highlight the speaker’s personality

Gratitude and the love languages by Chris Schembra

Why we love it: 7:47 founder Chris Schembra simply radiates joy and warmth in his Prezi video. Gratitude and the love languages are rooted in emotion, and being able to see his passion and sincerity on screen really helps add to the credibility and relatability of his message. 

The California Gold Rush by Rachael Streitman

Why we love it: Educator Rachael Streitman makes learning history fun — she adopts a storyteller’s tone and pacing, then combines that with her natural enthusiasm to bring the California Gold Rush to life. You can immediately tell that she’s excited by the material, and that leads to a lesson that’s captivating from start to finish. 

He said, she said, WHO said? by Joe Grimm

Why we love it: Professor Joe Grimm’s fun personality is apparent within the first few seconds of the video. He then maintains a playful and personable tone throughout, which works well with the practical examples to both inform and entertain his students. 

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Videos that build a human connection

Syllabus Latinx Media Online by Mila Burns

Why we love it: The class overview is the first real chance for teachers to meet their students, and this has become even more crucial in remote classes. Assistant professor and reporter Mila Burns clearly displays all the important syllabus information on the screen, but she also uses this as an opportunity to introduce herself to her students, resulting in a more effective overview than an email or a shared screen. 

Building public speaking confidence by Jessica Chen

Why we love it: Jessica Chen is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, so she knows a thing or two about building rapport and presenting on video. In her Prezi video, she shares useful insights and tips to help you be more confident on camera, which will in turn help you stay better connected with your colleagues, your customers, or your class. 

Episode 4: Youth, mental health, and COVID-19 by Karan Jerath

Why we love it: Just being front and center on the screen can make a world of difference, and Karan Jerath adds a humanizing touch to a serious and heavy topic. He is informative without feeling impersonal, and helpful without feeling condescending, which he achieved by using simple visuals and staying on camera the entire time.

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Amazing videos don’t stop here

We’ve seen countless inspiring, illuminating, and simply incredible videos this year outside of the Prezi Staff Picks, so be sure to visit our Video Gallery to explore more. You can also jump straight in and create your own video, and you can always turn to our resource center for help with getting started in Prezi

If you’re looking for some extra professional polish on your designs, you can also hire a Certified Prezi Designer to take your video to the next level. But above all, remember to have fun while you record or present, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you create in 2021! 

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