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So you need to build a presentation deck. The only problem is… how do you begin? Fortunately, Prezi makes it super easy. By taking advantage of Prezi’s unique structure, you can segment and organize your presentation in a fun and interactive manner. We spoke to a few of our users to learn how Prezi’s open canvas experience and template library have helped them create more captivating presentations to lead more efficient discussions and meetings. In this article, we’re going to share our findings.

More of a visual learner? Follow along with the story in a Prezi presentation. 

Set the scene with a background image and tell your story

Myriam de Roo founded a business coaching company, Trivalent, more than 18 years ago. She’s been using Prezi for more than a decade to create presentations where she coaches business professionals to lead a healthy, happy work style. 

What attracted Myriam to Prezi is its topic structure, which enables her to visualize her presentation content through mind maps. She asks herself, “Which topics should I address and what are the subtopics in this specific area?”

With Prezi, Myriam is also able to build her presentation as a story, which provides a better coaching experience for her audience. She starts by choosing her background image because it allows her to establish the tone for the presentation. 

“The thing that I really like the most is the way you can build your presentation as a story and use your picture as the starting frame,” Myriam states. “The story evolves because you can zoom in and zoom out on different parts of the picture.” 

Try Myriam’s method and set the tone for your presentation by choosing good presentation backgrounds from Prezi’s library that’ll instantly grab your audience’s attention and start building your presentation from there. 

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Create a mental mind map using templates

Jorge Osorio is a course lecturer at BlocksEdu Learning Corp. He creates sustainability course content in Prezi that he distributes to Dalhousie University, the University of Canada West, the University of Alberta, and other institutions.

Jorge was an early adopter of Prezi in 2009 and has recently onboarded his colleagues as well. In addition to its ease of use, he was attracted to Prezi’s topic structure because he likes to “show the line of thinking that the course will go through” by allowing learners to follow along sequentially or click into different topics as needed. 

“Prezi was quite interesting to me because I’m able to show the whole relationship between topics, and then I can zoom in and make it more interactive. I was always attracted to how Prezi worked because the topics are creating mental brain structures on the screen.” 

Not only do Prezi’s topics make it easy to get started, but an even simpler approach that Jorge loves is to use Prezi’s templates. It allows him to keep his content consistent and branded. 

Jorge’s creation process: 

→ Navigate to your dashboard

Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

→ Click Quick Start

→ Search in the Template Chooser 

→ Once inside the Prezi presentation, look at the structure within each topic, choose which ones you like best, then duplicate those and delete the other ones 

→ Pro tip: If you want to change your presentation structure to match your narrative, change your path settings. Learn how. 

After you’ve completed Jorge’s process, customize your presentation with your own images and text and you’re all set! 

Note: Prezi provides special pricing for educators and students, making it an affordable and accessible solution for educational institutions. This ensures that educators and students can elevate their presentations and learning experiences while staying within budget constraints.

Use Prezi Video to create accessible content

Based in Houston, Crystal Collier works as a therapist and a doctor of psychology and education. As a specialist in children’s addiction, Crystal spends a lot of her time creating professional presentations at schools for parent meetings.

In 2020, Crystal published The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide, which provides a neurodevelopmental approach to help parents raise their kids to refrain from high-risk behaviors. 

After she wrote the book, she wanted to share the insights and “get prevention programming in schools in such a way that it would have an effect.” 

After trying out other tools, Crystal opted for Prezi in 2021 because it was “much more dynamic.” It allows her to jump around as needed and delve into topics in more detail without disrupting her presentation flow because “Prezi has lateral moves, rather than sequential.” 

Crystal regularly uses Prezi Video to create videos for K-12 students to watch with their parents and to present live for webinars. 

​​“I got compliments on the evaluation of the professional look of the webinar. So I attribute that to Prezi.”

Prezi’s format guides users in the design process while giving them the creative freedom to personalize their presentations. Here are some of the top Prezi features that keep our users coming back time and time again: 

  • Jorge and Myriam both love that Prezi automatically saves and syncs changes constantly.
  • Myriam is a big fan of the insert button because it has so many options for what she can incorporate. 
  • Crystal appreciates how easily they can search and find their work within Prezi’s centralized dashboard.  

Ready to get inspired to create your own Prezi? Start by reading other user stories, seek additional inspiration from creative ideas and presentation topics, and create your own presentation using these top features. 

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