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If you’re looking for good topics for presentations, you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, you’ll find plenty of good presentation topics, tips on choosing the most suitable presentation topic for you, and essential design elements to make your presentation a success. 

Many factors go into an excellent presentation. You need to have confident body language and engage your audience to hold their attention. You also need eye-catching visual aids like images, data visualizations, GIFs, and others (all of which you can find in Prezi), not to mention a great opening to grab attention and a strong closing line to stay memorable.

However, the most essential aspect of your presentation is the topic. It’s the core of your presentation, so it has to be strong, insightful, attention-grabbing, and appealing to yourself and your audience in order to evolve into a successful presentation everyone will love. 

good presentation topics: a woman giving a presentation in a business meeting

How to choose a good presentation topic

There are millions of topics you could create a presentation on, but what defines a good presentation topic? If you’re struggling to either come up with a good topic for a presentation or you can’t decide between multiple ones, here are a few questions you should ask yourself before choosing a topic. 

What’s the goal of your presentation? 

When you’re choosing a presentation topic, consider the meaning behind it. Ask yourself what the purpose of talking about this topic is, and what you want to say about it. Whatever topic you choose to present, the conclusion needs to provide a takeaway or lesson you want to communicate to your audience. A meaningful goal will make your presentation more memorable.  

Are you interested in the topic?

If you’re not interested in the presentation topic, others won’t be curious either. Interest, enthusiasm, and passion enrich your presentation and are noticeable when presenting. Interest shines through and inspires others to find the topic as fascinating as you do. Think about the last time you saw someone sharing something they were passionate about – their excitement drew people in to pay closer attention to what they were saying. 

When choosing a topic, you need to find it or a particular angle of it interesting for yourself. For example, perhaps you’re not a pop music enthusiast, but you’re passionate about studying cultural phenomena. In this case, you can talk about pop music’s influence on early 2000s youth culture. 

Will your audience find this topic relatable? 

While you have to find the topic you’re presenting interesting, you also have to think about your audience. When choosing a subject, consider your audience’s background in terms of demographics, interests, culture, and knowledge level about the topic. Think about what others will find fascinating and relevant, so they’re not bored or confused during your presentation.

Do you have prior experience or knowledge about this topic?

Personal experiences are always great to share in a presentation, providing your unique perspective for anyone listening. While you can easily prepare your presentation based on a quick Google search, it won’t make the same lasting impact on your audience. Choose a presentation topic you have some prior knowledge about, or have an interesting opinion you can share with others. It’ll make your presentation more engaging and memorable.

good presentation topics: a presenter on stage

Ideas for good presentation topics

It’s not easy to come up with a good presentation topic from scratch. It’s much easier to get inspired from other good presentation topics to build your topic on. Whether you’re looking for presentation ideas for work, about me presentation ideas, unique or easy presentation topics, you’ll find them all here.

Without further ado, here are some good presentation topics to choose from or get inspired by.

Presentation topics about social media

  1. The role of social media in portraying gender stereotypes

  2. How social media impacts our body image

  3. How social media shaped Gen Z 

  4. The most significant differences between the Facebook and TikTok generations

  5. The negative effects of social media

  6. The positive impacts of social media 

  7. The effects of social media on behavior 

  8. How social media impacts our physical (or mental) health

  9. How social media has shaped our understanding of mass media

  10. Should we teach about social media in schools?

  11. The rise of social media influencers

  12. How AR Instagram filters impact our self-image

  13. How to go viral on social media?

  14. The origins of social media echo chambers

  15. Social media as a news outlet

Author: Ish Verduzco

Presentation topics about movies

  1. How movies influence our understanding of good and evil

  2. Beauty standards represented in movies

  3. How female characters are depicted in Hollywood movies

  4. How horror movies and global fears have developed through time

  5. The adverse effects of romance movies

  6. How movies have changed our understanding of the Western culture

  7. Charlie Chaplin and the silent movie era

  8. The globalization of culture: Hollywood vs. Bollywood

  9. The psychology behind the music in films

  10. The ethics of using animals in movies

  11. Social media’s influence on the film industry

  12. The history of filmmaking

  13. The role of color in movies

  14. The cultural impact of romance movies

  15. How are gender stereotypes depicted in Hollywood movies?

Author: Cinto Marti

Presentation topics about music

  1. The impact of pop music on beauty standards

  2. Should digital music be free for everyone?

  3. The psychology behind the music in advertisements 

  4. The effectiveness of sound therapy

  5. Can music inspire criminal behavior?

  6. The psychological effects of metal music

  7. The origins of K-pop

  8. How does music influence our understanding of the world?

  9. Can music help in the learning process?

  10. The positive effects of classical music

  11. The history of hip hop

  12. Why is music education essential in schools?

  13. The psychological benefits of playing piano

  14. Can anyone become a famous musician?

  15. The role of music in fashion

Author: Prezi Editorial

Presentation topics about health

  1. The link between food and mental health

  2. Inequality in the healthcare system

  3. Myths about healthy practices

  4. Simple practices that help you stay healthy

  5. Health education in schools: Should it change?
  6. Toxic positivity and mental health

  7. The impact of superfoods on our health

  8. The psychology behind unhealthy eating habits

  9. Sex education in schools: Why should we have it?

  10. How to trick yourself into getting better: The placebo effect

  11. How to strengthen your immune system

  12. How to tell if someone is depressed

  13. The health benefits of regular exercise

  14. The impact of junk food on mental health

  15. Stress-caused diseases

Author: Prezi Education Team

Presentation topics about human psychology

  1. What is social depression?

  2. What triggers panic attacks?

  3. The impact of testosterone on aggressive behavior

  4. How to overcome social anxiety

  5. Differences in the functioning of the brain of a child and adult

  6. The impact of violent video games on children’s brain development

  7. How does the use of social media influence our attention span?

  8. How to overcome childhood trauma

  9. The influence of marijuana on the human brain

  10. How does behavioral therapy work

  11. The psychology behind fame

  12. The causes of personality disorders

  13. The differences in brain functioning between men and women

  14. What happens in therapy sessions?

  15. The psychology of substance abuse 

Author: Prezi Education Team

Presentation topics about self-development

  1. The impact of exercise on productivity

  2. How to deal with stress

  3. How to deal with procrastination

  4. The positive effects of meditation

  5. Why new–year’s resolutions don’t work

  6. How to overcome bad habits

  7. The impact of negative thoughts

  8. The negative effects of self-criticism

  9. The role of creativity in self-development

  10. Benefits of journaling

  11. How to learn something fast

  12. How to be mindful

  13. The importance of curiosity 

  14. How to become more self-aware

  15. Why it’s essential to spend time with yourself

Author: Nir Eyal

Presentation topics about education

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of online education?

  2. The positive effects of a gap year

  3. Should university education be free?

  4. Inequality in education access

  5. How language learning benefits brain development

  6. Emerging gender issues in education

  7. The importance of socialization in school

  8. School bullying and student development

  9. The benefits of reading 

  10. Is the education system broken?

  11. What you don’t learn in college

  12. The link between education and brain development

  13. The history of schools

  14. The gender gap in STEM

  15. The connection between equality in education and economic growth

Author: Prezi Education Team

Presentation topics about culture

  1. Is graffiti a form of art or street vandalism? 

  2. Cultural diversity in the workplace

  3. The impact of culture on gender roles

  4. The issue with orientalism

  5. Are humans the only species that has culture?

  6. How do different cultures view death? 

  7. The ethical issues of pop culture

  8. The impact of culture on personal development

  9. Sexism in different cultures

  10. The impact of globalization on local cultures

  11. The viral spread of the #metoo movement

  12. The history of subcultures

  13. The problem with romanticizing toxic relationships in movies

  14. 90s pop-culture influence on fashion trends

  15. The evolution of cultural psychology 

Author: Devin Banerjee

Presentation ideas for work

  1. What it’s like to be a digital nomad?

  2. How to deal with workplace conflicts

  3. The secret to a productive day

  4. How to set achievable goals

  5. The importance of diversity in a workplace

  6. The positive effects of creative thinking at work

  7. How to give constructive feedback

  8. The characteristics of a valuable team member

  9. Inequality and the glass ceiling

  10. Racial discrimination in the workplace

  11. Work habits of different cultures

  12. How is work perceived in various countries?

  13. Technological development and the future of work

  14. The importance of a healthy work/life balance

  15. The rise of health problems in office work

Author: Charles Huang

Presentation topics about hybrid work

  1. The positive effects of hybrid work on work/life balance

  2. Is hybrid work the future work model? 

  3. How to stay connected in a hybrid work model

  4. The challenges of hybrid work nobody talks about

  5. How to stay productive when working from home

  6. The social effects of hybrid work

  7. The economic impacts of hybrid work

  8. Case study: Hybrid work model in [company]

  9. What causes Zoom fatigue?

  10. The problem with online meetings

  11. Is hybrid work better than remote work?

  12. How to develop a close relationship with colleagues in a hybrid work model

  13. What kind of company culture is best for a hybrid work model?

  14. Is hybrid work sustainable?

  15. Cybersecurity consideration for hybrid working

Author: Barbie Brewer

Presentation topics about public speaking

  1. The importance of body language in public speeches

  2. How to appear confident when you’re not

  3. How to become a better orator

  4. The use of eye contact in public speaking

  5. Breathing exercises that will calm you down before public speaking

  6. The benefits of public speaking

  7. Ways to improve public speaking skills

  8. How to leave a great first impression on stage

  9. How to engage your audience during a public speech

  10. How to best structure your public speech

  11. How to end your presentation speech

  12. Can anyone learn to be good at public speaking?

  13. How to prepare for a public speech

  14. What not to do right before a public speech

  15. How to address a controversial topic in a public speech

Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

Author: Prezi Team

Presentation topics about entrepreneurship and leadership

  1. The main principles of a good leader

  2. The impact of leadership skills on professional performance

  3. The mistake every entrepreneur makes

  4. How to successfully lead a cross-cultural team

  5. How to celebrate inclusivity in a diverse team

  6. What are the common personality traits of a successful entrepreneur?

  7. The impact of entrepreneurship on the global economy

  8. The characteristics of a leader

  9. The most common challenges of entrepreneurship

  10. Can anyone learn to become a successful leader? 

  11. What affects new venture growth?

  12. The psychology of leadership

  13. What is crowdsourcing? 

  14. The benefits of being an entrepreneur

  15. Common mistakes leaders make

Author: Jill Sinclair

Presentation topics about technology

  1. The rise of technological development

  2. Is technology addictive?

  3. Should we use drones for military and non-military purposes?

  4. The sustainability of electric cars

  5. What are deepfakes?

  6. Limitations of AI machines

  7. The future of programming

  8. Ethical issues of AI

  9. The future of AR in business

  10. How VR can be used in the medical field

Author: David Vandegrift

Sales presentation topics

  1. How to make a cold email intro

  2. What is sales enablement?

  3. How to build better relationships with customers

  4. The best way to improve pipeline management

  5. Coaching via verbal and written role-play

  6. How to plan cold calls

  7. What’s a deal-breaker for most customers? 

  8. All about personalized coaching

  9. How to manage objections

  10. How to close more deals

  11. How to keep your prospects engaged

  12. Effective sales communication strategies

  13. How to conduct a competitor analysis

  14. The most valuable sales skills

  15. What soft skills do you need to become a successful sales rep?

Author: Cindy McGovern

Easy presentation topics

  1. Benefits of daily exercise and how to incorporate it into your routine

  2. Simple and nutritious meal recipes

  3. Tips for improving time management and productivity

  4. The importance of recycling

  5. The history of a local landmark or festival

  6. Ways to reduce stress

  7. Exploring different types of renewable energy sources and their impact on the environment

  8. The basics of budgeting and saving money for future goals

  9. The benefits of social media for professional use

  10. Tips for overcoming stage fright

  11. How to start a meditation practice

  12. The impact of technology on modern society

  13. The basics of personal finance

  14. The health benefits of a plant-based diet

  15. The history of Earth Day

Author: Prezi Team

Good how to presentation topics

  1. How to create a successful social media marketing strategy

  2. How to give a persuasive presentation

  3. How to create effective and engaging content for your blog

  4. How to discover your strengths and weaknesses

  5. How to use project management tools to increase productivity

  6. How to make the most out of boring meetings

  7. How to build a personal brand

  8. How to conduct effective market research

  9. How to use data analytics to improve decision-making

  10. How to improve your decision-making process

  11. How to write a winning proposal

  12. How to create a visually stunning presentation

  13. How to manage stressful situations at work

  14. How to make friends as an adult

  15. How to network at work events

Author: Nir Eyal

About me presentation ideas

  1. My journey to becoming who I am today

  2. My passion for [insert topic or activity]

  3. My career aspirations and goals

  4. My travels and adventures around the world

  5. My hobbies and interests outside of work/school

  6. My role models and influences

  7. My strengths and weaknesses

  8. My favorite books, movies, and TV shows

  9. My proudest achievements and accomplishments

  10. My favorite childhood memories

  11. My family and friends

  12. My education and academic background

  13. My volunteer and community service experience

  14. My personality traits and values

  15. My vision for the future and how I plan to achieve it

Author: Adam Grant

Student presentation ideas

  1. The history and evolution of video games

  2. The history and cultural impact of tattoos

  3. The impact of social media on body image and self-esteem

  4. The effects of globalization on local cultures and economies

  5. The role of education in promoting social justice and equity

  6. The ethical implications of autonomous weapons in warfare

  7. The impact of mass media on society and culture

  8. The causes and effects of deforestation on biodiversity and climate change

  9. The history and cultural significance of dance in different parts of the world

  10. The psychology of addiction and recovery

  11. The impact of the gig economy on labor rights and job security

  12. The history and impact of feminism on gender equality

  13. The benefits and drawbacks of renewable energy sources

  14. The impact of colonialism on indigenous cultures and identities

  15. The role of technology in promoting global connectivity and intercultural understanding

Author: Edward Quinn

Informative presentation topics

  1. The science of sleep: How to get a restful night and improve your wellbeing

  2. A journey through the history of the internet

  3. Exploring the potential of AI in our world

  4. Climate change: Understanding the challenge, seeking solutions for a sustainable future

  5. How new technologies are shaping the future of food

  6. Understanding the psychology of money for financial success

  7. The power of a story: How storytelling captures hearts and minds

  8. Mastering the art of negotiation in every interaction

  9. The science of happiness: Unlocking the secrets to a more fulfilling life

  10. The power of mindfulness for a more present and peaceful YOU

  11. Understanding cybersecurity threats and protecting yourself online

  12. Exploring the potential of virtual reality for a more immersive future

Author: Andrew Davis

How to create a good presentation 

If you know what you want to present on, it’s time to create an impactful presentation that grabs everyone’s attention. Presentation design plays a crucial role in how your presentation is received and remembered. To stand out and leave a memorable impact on your audience, create a Prezi presentation. Instead of a linear, slide-based presentation, offer an engaging and dynamic storytelling experience to your audience. Breathe life into your presentation with motion, zoom, and spatial relationships. When creating your presentation, consider the following three essential elements: 


Visuals play a significant part in presentation design. They evoke emotions, make a memorable impact, and give more context to the story. Not to mention, 65% of people are visual learners, so visual aids are helpful when explaining a complex topic. 

In your presentation, include different types of visuals, such as images, videos, GIFs, and stickers, all of which you can find in Prezi’s content library. When selecting your visuals, consider what’s relevant and brings additional value to the story. Only add what’s meaningful and necessary. A video or image at the right place and time will enrich the viewing experience and make your presentation more memorable. 


The layout of your presentation is the structure of your story. It’ll help you introduce the topic, intrigue your audience, and unfold the layers of your topic one by one until you disclose your main arguments and summarize the presentation. A good presentation layout has a hierarchical, chronological, or logical flow that leads the viewer from start to finish. 

If you’re creating a Prezi presentation, you can create a dynamic storytelling experience by experimenting with your layout. Instead of going from slide to slide, you can zoom in and out of topics and experiment with different shapes, animations, and effects that draw the viewer into your story world. Here’s an example of a Prezi presentation with a great storytelling layout:

Author: Lydia Antonatos


Data visualizations can elevate your presentation from being a good one to a great one. By providing data behind your arguments, you’ll appear more trustworthy and confident in your audience’s eyes. 

Add charts, graphs, interactive maps, and more to your presentations with Prezi Design. You can choose from a wide selection of charts and maps to illustrate your data. With interactive elements, you’ll be able to engage your audience and make a memorable impact. 

Engaging visuals, a well-structured layout, and relevant data visualizations will provide a great starting base to create a memorable presentation. Discover other tips and tricks that make your presentation effective and capture people’s attention. 

Prezi AI for presentation success

If you already have a clear presentation style in mind or plenty of time for creation, fantastic! But what if you only have a day or less or you don’t know where to start? Enter Prezi AI. It’s your assistant for streamlining the presentation creation process. Here’s how Prezi AI leverages the power of artificial intelligence to turn you into a presentation pro:

Effortless design from scratch

Ditch the blank page anxiety with the AI presentation maker. Simply provide a title or outline, and Prezi AI will generate a visually appealing draft presentation in seconds. It’s like having a built-in design assistant ready to brainstorm with you.

Smarter text, stronger impact

Prezi’s AI text-editing tool helps you perfect your message in seconds. It analyzes your content, suggesting improvements for readability and conciseness.

From bullet points to animations

Let’s face it, static bullet points can put even the most dynamic presenter to sleep. Prezi’s AI animated slides maker transforms your text into captivating visual stories. Choose from formats like flowcharts, animated lists, or zoom reveals to keep your audience engaged.

Perfect for busy presenters

We all know the struggle – a million tasks on your plate, and a looming presentation deadline. Prezi AI can help you save valuable time! With AI assistance, you can generate presentations faster, focus on refining your content, and present with the confidence that comes from knowing your presentation looks polished and professional.

Design help

Don’t worry if you don’t have an eye for design. Prezi AI provides the tools and guidance to create presentations that impress visually.

With Prezi AI, crafting presentations is easy, allowing you to focus on delivering your message with impact and leaving your audience engaged and inspired. Explore what’s possible with Prezi AI today!

Learn more on how to turn your presentation topic into a stunning presentation with AI:

Final thoughts on selecting good presentation topics

Choosing a topic for a presentation isn’t easy. When selecting a topic, think about the goal of your presentation, your interests, and knowledge about the topic, and whether or not your audience will find it relevant and interesting for them. Also, get inspired by other topics that’ll help you figure out what you want to talk about. Lastly, when creating your presentation, consider the impact of visuals, layout, and data visualizations. To simplify the creation process, try Prezi AI or follow the step-by-step process of making a presentation with helpful tips and resources.

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