Engaging sales presentations, part 2: Structuring your sales story

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When you tell your company story, it’s not enough that you like how it sounds. Understanding and believing in your message are important, but these factors are not the only keys to customer retention and growth. How you structure that story, however — and the way you present it — can make a monumental difference to your brand’s success.

In part 2 of our new Engaging Sales Presentations video series, bestselling author and sales guru Jill Konrath interviews Russell A. Williams, Prezi Certified Expert and founder of The Prezenter, on how to structure your sales story and create presentations that sell. You’ll find out:

  • How to adopt Russell’s approach to developing presentations that have already helped his clients win millions of dollars in sales tenders, contracts, and revenue
  • Tips for creating design elements that support your story, stand out, and get remembered — even when your audience is made up of people who see sales presentations each and every day
  • Russell’s proven process for putting a brand story and pitch presentation together that will help you drive significantly higher engagement and better results

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