Prezi and Infogram Join Forces to Catapult Visual Communications

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You could say we’re on a roll here at Prezi. Between launching Prezi Next, live-streaming a TED talk from our office to the main stage in Canada, and previewing Prezi AR, this year has been one of the busiest in our company’s history — and it’s only May.

And there’s more. Today we’re proud announce that Infogram will be joining Prezi!

Story + Data = The Future of Visual Communications

Why this step now? In the last few years, we’ve seen people choose Prezi over slides because they want to move people—to affect emotion, inspire action, and ignite transformation. With all the noise around us (updates, pings, bots) it’s increasingly hard to captivate people, but engaging visuals are almost impossible to ignore.

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We searched the market for partners that were creating powerful stories with numbers and found Infogram. Much like us, the Infogram team thinks of visuals as a way to enhance story, and starting today, we’ll be continuing this mission together. After all, a picture alone is worth a thousand words, but the data to back it up gives it priceless credibility. Infogram has a staggering 1.5 billion views to prove it.  

What’s Next?

Prezi and Infogram will continue on as separate products and we’ll also make a concerted effort to deliver the best and most powerful visual tools available for our space. Individually, we managed to accomplish what we originally set out to do. We’ve become the more engaging and innovative alternative to the slides provided by the giants: Apple MS and Google. Together, we plan to lead the charge in the future of visual communications.

Our companies started from unlikely places: Riga and Budapest. But that hasn’t stopped us from living our dreams. Now, with each other’s help, we’ll be able to propel our passion into a new and exciting time.

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