Prezi + Augmented Reality: A Peek Into the Future of Presenting

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We couldn’t be more excited about the recent launch of Prezi Next. Our new platform builds on the best parts of Prezi by integrating functionality that eases conversational presenting and adds the ability to analyze your content’s effectiveness. Now, you can create beautiful presentations that are not only meaningful and impactful in the moment, but also continue to work long after they’re delivered.

Prezi Next ultimately introduces a new way of thinking about presentations. Instead of episodic, they can be part of a loop of actions that continually make both you and your content more effective. We’re calling it the lifecycle of a presentation and think it’s pretty big stuff.

This release also sets the foundation for us to implement emerging and future storytelling technologies; ones that bring people and ideas closer together. The essence of story is the human element, and we want to build experiences that include people, not replace them. We believe augmented reality has a strong place in the future of work and learning— the increasing number of remote instances in the office being just one example. This is the kind of tech that can support that shift by empowering immersive storytelling in a way that moves people.

And it’s not just us that recognize this. While we’ve been experimenting with how to make virtual and live presentations more powerful, big companies like Facebook and SnapChat are also in the testing phase of this emerging wave of tech, hard at work on showcasing new, fun experiences. All of this is to say the era of AR is probably a lot closer than many of us think it is.

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For now, you can check out what we’ve been tinkering with at TED. Dr. Robert Sapolsky recently streamed his talk, titled “BEHAVE: The biology of humans at our best and worst”, live from the Prezi offices to the Vancouver TED stage using Prezi AR. He was able to interact with the content displayed on a regular laptop without needing a studio setup or a green screen.

If you love what we see as the future of presentations (and we hope you do) let us know so by tweeting your thoughts and tagging them with #preziAR. We’re listening. 

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