Engaging sales presentations, part 5: Analyzing your pitch and process

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The sales pitch is arguably the most important part of the sales process, so why are so few people focused on it? Research shows that only 17% of collected metrics are around sales activities, with the other 83% of metrics centered on things largely outside a sales team’s control, such as sales objectives and business results.

In part 5 of our Engaging Sales Presentations video series, sales guru Jill Konrath speaks with sales management expert and author Jason Jordan on how to analyze your sales pitch and processes to drive better results. You’ll learn:

  • How to influence the outcomes you want by first focusing on manageable sales inputs such as the sales pitch, sales processes, and coaching
  • How to guide the customer along their own buyer’s journey to move the sales process forward in meaningful ways
  • How to save time, energy, and money by adopting a “less is more” approach to deliver the right message to high-quality leads

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