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2020 was quite a year in education. From a worldwide pandemic, meeting new students online, and witnessing a historic election, there’s been a lot to cover in class. Using Prezi Video, teachers and students were able to find new and innovative ways to meet online and discuss this material in a way that’s almost as good as being together in person. The stories that came from these online classes are well worth the read. Read on for 2020’s top blog posts in education.

10. How an educator uses Prezi Video to approach professional development

Many teachers know how to teach K-12 students, but the same methods don’t always transfer to adult learning. That’s why educator Michelle Singh organized a virtual teacher conference with a focus on professional development. In this post, she shares her experience using Prezi Video in the conference and provides tips for getting started making your first videos.

9. Read aloud videos: How to engage your students remotely

In this blog post, teacher Jamie Ewing shares the beautiful lesson plans he made based on his read-aloud sessions of The Carrot Seed. He uses Prezi Video to show each page of the story next to him on screen, then explains the assignment he wants his students to work on. His videos are great for new readers and are an innovative way to engage learners in an online format. Read his post to learn more.

8. 3 online classroom games to energize your class

You may get less face-to-face time with your students if you’re meeting with them virtually, so why not have some fun when you’re all together? The three games in this blog post are made for online classrooms and make it easy to incorporate class material.

7. Relationship building in the online classroom: Stories from 6 educators

It can be challenging to forge a bond and maintain the same human connection in a virtual classroom that you can get in person. This was especially true for teachers meeting their students for the first time online at the start of the school year. These six teachers share what they learned this year and how they plan to build relationships with their students despite the distance.

6. Using the game show format for assessments

Using the format of a game show for an assessment is a fun way to get your students involved and engaged with the material, and it’s a unique learning experience that’ll shake up your regular routine. This can be live in Zoom, or as a recorded video. Find new ideas and video templates for conducting a game show with this blog post.

5. How to make the quick transition to virtual learning

Stay connected while you work remotely with Prezi Video

Shifting from in-person classrooms to fully virtual environments was a huge undertaking for teachers and students around the world. This blog post discusses how to make this transition to a virtual classroom as seamless and easy as possible. Learn how to turn your current lessons into videos, find out how other teachers are using video, and learn what students can do with Prezi Video to improve their learning experiences.

4. Flipped Classroom 101: The guide to flipping your classroom

Teachers often spend chunks of time in class delivering content and explaining assignments, but in recent years the idea of “flipping the classroom” – delivering this content before class via video has become more popular. Flipped classrooms enable teachers to use valuable class time for collaborative group-work, answering questions, and providing 1:1 support to students. As remote teaching and learning became more pervasive, teachers found new ways to flip their classroom, and we would argue these practices will only continue to grow even once things are back to normal. This post helps you get started.

3. 7 new things you can do with Prezi Video to support online learning

Throughout 2020, we made a lot of improvements to Prezi Video to make it easier for teachers and students to connect online. Learn about seven of the features we added that you can use to make your content more engaging, such as the ability to live stream your content in a video conference like Zoom and share your videos in Google Classroom as an assignment.

2. Video lessons: The teacher’s guide for making content for virtual classrooms

Video went front and center in 2020, and teachers had to convert much of the content that they delivered in person to video to keep up. In this blog post, we go through the step-by-step directions in creating and sharing a video lesson. A necessary read for anyone doing blended learning or flipping their classroom!

1. Top 10 tips for using Prezi Video in your online classroom

2020 introduced a whole new type of teaching and learning for many teachers. This blog post lists the top 10 ways to get started with Prezi Video for remote teaching and learning – from reusing content from your in-person lessons to tips and best practices on creating and recording videos for your online classes. The holy grail for creating content for an online class is right here.

If you were inspired by what you read and want to see more examples of teacher videos, check out the Prezi Video Teacher Gallery, or get started by making your first video on Prezi Video today.

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